Up for a game of touch football?

Because, apparently, if you bought EA’s NCAA 2007 for the PSP that’s exactly what you’re getting. (Via Breaking Windows)

How on earth can IGN give this game a “passable” rating?! The game is completely broken. There is no way this can be redeemed. EA should just give everyone their money back and bury all the discs out in the desert. Terrible.


  1. thats what you get for buying a PSP! lol, just kidding, i have noticed that most PSP games are rather glitchy

  2. FSD – I don’t know much about other games, but I know most of EA’s PSP games have been glitchy. That’s a bummer.

  3. a bunch of my firends got PSP’s, but after playing theirs, and having to listen to all their compliants, i figured that my $250 would be better spent on a wii

  4. ha ha ha, ha hA ha
    scroll down and click “video evidence”

  5. ooooo000OOO00oOOOoo
    more psp defecting goodness! this is better than twix!



    square button!

    one psp is made in about 20 minutes, mabey why they suck?
    i mean, the graphics and crontrolls are great! dont get me wrong, but with all the defects, and dead pixles (wait, that’s a defect) and the lack of good games, i’d spend my $200 elsewhere

  6. i think it is fantastic caz i have one


  1. […] EA is not making many good games right now. More specifically, EA Sports. NCAA 2006 had a game-stopper of an error for the PSP version. Madden had issues with fatigue and their Hall of Fame mode. At first they were ignored but eventually corrected (even if they were a bit of a pain to fix). The Xbox 360 version of FIFA 07 was horribly gimped compared to its last-generation brethren. And most recently, NBA Live has come under fire for some pretty spectacular gaffes on EA’s part (you can see my favorites in this video). Then, when things couldn’t get worse, they announced that they’d be releasing “strategy guides” and “Classic Stadiums” on Xbox Live Marketplace. For Microsoft points. As in points you paid real money for. EA isn’t doing a very good jump of winning over gamers. […]

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