Ultimate Baseball Online – First Impressions

Even though I mentioned that I had downloaded Ultimate Baseball Online months ago, it wasn’t until this weekend that I actually had a chance to play it. I must admit, though, that I haven’t played a video baseball game in a long time. I think I played a little MVP 2003, but that was only for a few minutes. I have no idea what the last baseball game I played — Super Bases Loaded? Needless to say, it’s been a while. But I’ve been anxious to try out a Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Game (MMOSG) other than Shot-Online, so I dusted off the virtual mitt and gave UBO a try.

As with every other game, the first step is the character creation. UBO’s system was pretty simple, there weren’t a lot of choices, just basic options like body and face types (EA Sports Game Face it ain’t). I made a right-handed catcher named “BMasher” and set off to do the tutorial.

As I said, I haven’t played video game baseball in years, so I don’t know how the current gen handles mechanics like hitting and fielding, but UBO control scheme isn’t too bad. For batting, you determine how much power you want to put behind a swing, which subsequently affects the “sweet spot” of your swing. The more power, the smaller your sweet spot. You have a catcher’s-eye view of the pitch. You see it coming in but you don’t know where it will cross the plate. Clicking the mouse button swings and if you’ve guesses right and the pitch falls in your zone, you’ll hit the ball. Pitching works in a similar fashion. You pick the pitch, choose a location, and a meter to determines speed and accuracy. Fielding is straight forward, as well. A little red indicator shows where you should go to catch the ball and clicking the mouse holds up your glove to catch it. Every aspect is pretty simple but there’s enough wiggle room to make it more challenging as your skill level changes.

After the tutorial, I went to the “Practice Clubhouse” and jumped right into a game. You can play a game with as few as 4 players, but in the game I played in, it was 4 vs. 5. It was a 3 inning game and we were the away team. After informing my teammates this was my first game, I led off the top of the first. I made nice contact, hit a ball towards the short stop, ran toward first and was thrown out before I was half way down the base path. It appears my speed (currently at level 7) makes me run like I’ve got a backpack full of bricks. It would become apparent that speed is plays a major factor in this game. Watching a guy get forced out at second from short left field made that very apparent.

On defense, I started the game as catcher, but it was suggested I switch to third after my first throw back to the pitcher ended up in centerfield. Fielding was pretty easy and I only commited one error. I thought a game like baseball would be BORING to play on defense, but it was actually quite engaging. I clocked about 5 seconds in between each pitch, and you don’t know if the next batted ball will be coming your way, so you’re always on your toes. Kudos for making defense playable.

The game went into extra innings, with the other team winning on a bases loaded single. Since it was 5 on 4, the CPU handles the empty spots on defense but only actual players bat. In the 4 innings we played, I batted 4 times (going 0-4, striking out twice. Yeah BMasher!). The game took about 20 minutes or so to play, so it isn’t much of a time investment. I only earned a couple experience points, but I don’t think it will take long to “level” my player. Leveling up involves earning “Parameter Points” and “Skill Points” which obviously increase your players abilities. There’d be no point in playing if you can’t get better, so the skill progression elements of the game seem pretty solid.

So far, I’m liking UBO. It looks and feels like a baseball game, and the fact that I played with 8 other players is quite cool. I’m going to give it a fair shake and play it a handful of times before I give it a final thumbs up, but so far, so good.


  1. sounds interesting, i’ll have to try it out sometime, though i can’t play PC games right now, seeing as my left index and left middle finger are wraped together (god, broken bones suck like cartmans mom)

    anyway,i have a friend who loves basball games, i’ll be sure to tell him about it

  2. Sounds like fun. I may give it a try. Is there a monthly fee or what?

  3. Bonster Bobster – I totally forgot to mention that – UBO is free to download and play.

  4. hahaha!
    “Bonster – I totally forgot to mention that – UBO is free to download and play.”
    i think you meant
    “BOBSTER – I totally forgot to mention that – UBO is free to download and play.”
    sorry, i just cant resist making fun of people, there so vulnerable, i mean, people practicly ASK you to make fun of them

    oh my, my sisters whatching “miss congeniality 2” (it sucks) and william shatner just said
    and thats it for “obscure quote of the day”
    dont ask me what i’m on, i have no clue, mabey a SOBE from a couple days ago?

  5. Thanks for catching the typo, fsodv2.

  6. haha! it was more making fun of you than “correcting” you, but if think i was doing you a favor, i will let you bask in your ignorance….you obviously dont know me very well, lol

  7. This game looks really cool! I have to try it out sometime soon!

    Tony, do you know any other MMOSG games other than the 2 u mentioned in this blog post?


  8. Jeff – So far, the only MMOSG games I’ve played have been UBO and Shot-Online, the ones I’ve mentioned here. There’s another MMO golf game called Pangya but I haven’t tried it yet. I believe it will be released on Nintendo’s new console, the Wii.

    I would suggest you give UBO a try, though. It’s a great game and they’ve done a great job at recereating the idea of a “pick-up” game at the local baseball diamond.

  9. The Master says

    I tried UBO a couple weeks ago and have been playing almost everyday since then. Leveling is fairly easy, and as you increase your skills the game gets more fun. It is great for us sports fan to finally have the option to enjoy the MMO community without giving up our passion for sports.

  10. The master – you’ll have to look me up (BMasher) next time your on. I agree that’s its about time there’s a MMO sports game. Now I just want a football game!

  11. UBO sucks balls

    you will learn fast all the gm’s and teams favor one another, not to mention the top players hack

    the clients so laggy and poor coded its a disgrace to the game of baseball

    such a noval idea wasted by a piss poor company who cant code at all,, in fact they didnt make this game,, they altered an asian game and cant even keep it up to date cus they cant read the code ( thats a fact look on ther eown forums they admit it)

  12. Wow, that bad, eh yo? I only played a handful of games, I never really got into it enough to recognize hacking or lagginess.

    Pretty sad the developers are in over their heads.

  13. I Played UBO a long time an I Doubt the Top playerz Hack, I don’t even Know their Websitez…. I Personally know Playerz like FoxxFire, Fielder/Overbay, 9cWrath, BenyDJet, CptnWoot, HeXDeMoN and a Few otherz I’ve played the Game with a long azz Time (Roughly 2 Yearz) an they don’t Hack…. I consider Them Top playerz….

    The only Problem I have iz Bein Reported all the Time, an Lag just Annoyz the Hell outta me…. I’m just Waitin on a Decent Patch cauze hitting Became 2 Random, I’m used 2 Aiming @ the cursor Almost Perfect and now When I miss the Cursor completely it’z a Homerun…. Anyhow, waz just Readin the Article, I got the Name IC there an I Rarely play Anythin except Tournament gamez Now….

  14. I agree with IC in the fact that top level hacking is unlikely. Noone out there has a 1.00 average after the current stat reset. As far as Gm’s whom dont know the rules or favor certain teams thats a lil true. Much like being on a slightly slated but not overbearing counter strike server. I believe it comes from all the lil children annoying the single GM who maybeonline about ted saying thw word turd or soemthing, im sure it grates a nerve. The servers are definitly sub par and LAG is a huge Issue. Also the programmers have a lot of trouble with syncing the game up, not everyone is seeing the same thing go on. Often a tag will happen nowhere near a runner or an obvius catch just isnt counted ect… As far as BUGS go the game is pretty buggy, so buggy it should not have made it out of beta. Experianced players play around these bugs and institute a fair play policy like, dude you so woulda been out if that ai woulda not stood still, so chuck comes over and allows himself to be tagged out ect.. Of course not everyone is so nice and this leads to explitation and annoyance. UBO has yet to deal with the problem of quitters, people leaving a game to pad thier stats can do so with pretty much reckless abandon and suffer no real repercussion. This can be annoying because one of the many bugs is to freeze the entire game when a person on offence leaves. To give you an idea of how buggy the game is its been dubbed ” Ultimate Bug Online ” by more than a few would be users. The game when played with good people like any game is completly entralling and totally enjoyable. Tournaments are great fun and being on a team is a real experiance. there are a billion things that could be added to make the game alot better but like i said b4 it shouldnt even be out of beta yet.
    This has been my opinion.
    Tim / Friendly/ unwound

  15. DONT TRUST FIRST IMPRESSIONS! I have been playing this game for a long time. I was suspened once because I was accused falsely of piping batters. Now I’m banned for the same reasons. Theyr’e ban happy and they don’t care if it’s fair or not. Also the game is so filled with bugs it’s not even funny. It’s horrible. People boot others out of game just because they want to pitch, they don’t like them, they’re in the mood. It’s a majority vote to kick someone out, which is completly screwed up. The game lags like crazy. If one person lags the whole game lags, then you go into booting and everything. It’s extremly choppy. You can’t become high level unless you either play 24/7 or play for months. Tournaments are overhyped and overrated. People are mean and careless. There are HEAPS of stupid rules (no catchers aloud, no stealing aloud.). These are just a few of the bad things about UBO. I do NOT reccomend UBO under any circumstances.

  16. Well, it looks like some of the recent comments seem to suggest I shouldn’t go back to UBO. I have played in a while. Maybe there’s no reason to play any more.

  17. True the game is and can be very buggy, Take it from a guy that knows, but more importantly its the community of players that makes the game fun. All MMo games have issues with lag, bugs, hacks and exploits, but we go back to spend time with our friends that we have made there. So what if the game has issues the people is what makes it worth playing. Now in any community there are people that are mean and hateful but the BULK of the players on UBO are there to have a good time and enjoy each other. We UBO’ers have fun playing the game and chatting about all sorts of things. Its the community that make this game fun not nessicarally the game it self. Netamin has tried hard to keep up with making the game better continuously and thus so far done a very good job!!! Is it 100% perfect heck no but it has come along way and getting better always. As far as the top players hacking I do not know of any players that have or so, The top players are the top because they are the best at the game and not because of cheats. I myself am a sub-par player at best and its still a blast. So for all you out there that enjoy people and sports on and check it out!!! http://www.ultimatebaseballonline.com

  18. I think Brian’s comments are misleading because the community sucks, especially in the RK server which are levels 0 till level 10. When u become a MIN u move to the pickup server and that can have players from level 10 till level 99. The pickup server is where the game gets good and u can join or create a team and play in tournaments games.

    The biggest problem is the players in the game right now. They already have a chat filter that asterisks out more than half the words in the english language including the word ‘balls’ which should be allowed in a baseball game. Players get reported left and right by retards who are trying to suck up to the GMs or anyone in charge of the game, so needless to say retards are going around and playing tattle tale.

    The game also has lag problems and most of the guys who play don’t even live in the US. I don’t mind the canadian players because it’s not that bad, BUT there are guys from asia and the UK who play and basically ruin the game.

    The ‘Yankee.’ team for instance is a plague to the game. They’re just a bunch of annoying kids who power leveled each other in ‘practice’ games with fake accounts till they were higher levels, they also lag all the time. They go around bashing lower leveled players and plaigerize how much of an asset they are to the community and cry to the company just to silence all the hecklers.

    Back to the main subject, for anyone who is interested in trying the game out here are some pros and cons.


    An actual online baseball game where u play each position (except catcher due to laggers) and u level up adding points to speed, strength, stamina, throwing accuracy, arm strength.

    It’s a hitter’s game and homeruns happen all the time when u get in the pickup server.

    The graphics are pretty low and u don’t need a powerful PC to play the game.

    The buttons are simple and only take a day to learn, it’s the basic W A S D then right and left mouse click.

    Practice mode helps u learn to bat, field, and pitch before going into a game and having players complain when u don’t know how to play. When u complete all 3 u reach level 1.

    Chatting is easy with a simple enter or type /t to chat with your team.

    The company has great communication from a GM to the customer support. If there’s a problem u can make a post on the forums or e-mail the company and they go out of their way to accommodate u.


    P2P based game with constant lag.

    It’s still a BETA game and is still being updated so it’s a long process of bugs. It’s playable without lag but don’t expect every game to be smooth.

    The graphics get boring after a while.

    Pitching and hitting still need to be worked on.

    Only 1 stadium.

    No stealing allowed.

    Can’t remove spectators from the game.

    The community sucks, I’m not sure if it’s puberty or they’re just crybabies.

    The chat filter sucks, u can’t even say sucks.

    Too many players getting reported and banned for nothing.

    Players get stats changed and name changes, which is completely retarded and not available to normal players.

    There’s no UBO training camp for lag, which u have to get used to.

    They rarely patch the game, maybe 1 patch every few months.

    If u have a router u gotta open up ports or u end up lagging up the game.

    There’s players from other countries lagging up the game.

    Overall the game is worth trying out, it’s the only real sports MMO game out right now. They just need to start working on the game more and get rid of the whole TV-Y7 rating which gets the fun players banned. The company has too much favortism to a selective few players as well.

  19. The game is total garbage. It does not resemble baseball at all. It is buggy, it is slow, and the other players are downright rude. An utter waste of time…

  20. BrianR – thanks for the comment. I realize that the bulk of players in any online game can be cool, but the minority of the people that are jerks are always the loudest.

    Snickers – I had no idea there was a profanity filter. That’s kind of funny that it censors “balls.” Oops. Thanks for your mini-review.

    Arash – Other players sure can ruin the experience. It’s a shame.

  21. They have a UBO 2007 version out, it looks a lot more fun. Too bad there’s still a lot of retards on.

  22. snickers,

    I am sorry that you feel this way, perhaps it is you that made the game miserable for yourself. If you truly feel the way you do why wuld you subject yourself to playing it? I believe you feel the way you do because of your attitude towards the game and the peple that play it. As far a throwing around unproven accusations is why the community somtimes “sucks” as you say. I believe it is the people such as yourself that makes it that way. On a different note they have released the 2007 patch and it is different then other patches before it.

    Pros: able to change batting stances, pitcher style, and batting and pitcher arm side. player of the game, better graphicss and more interaction as far as on field play.

    Cons: A whole lot of bugs!!! I feel this patch was rushed out way before it was ready. Less but still lag issues, and a far worse artificial intelligence players.

    anyways its still a game worth trying!!

  23. all these people complaining about ubo, it has one of THE best communitys i have ever played with, obviously it has its fair share of idiots but what game doesnt. the gm’s are not ban crazy but there are a lot of rules in game that the players have to moderate for themselves, stealing, baiting, dead ai etc so a simple screenshot for proof and the gm will do there job, basically if u treat people decent and play the game fair there is NO other mmo out there that comes close to ubo, no password hacking, no item scamming, no stupid $15 a month fee, for any new players i suggest getting to at least lvl 30 before making ur judgement on the game, ull find a lot of the higher lvl players (AS,MVP)
    have been playing the game for years and are very fair and decent guys, with the exception of the cheap ass lamer yankee’s 😛 lol ive never been a big baseball fan but UBO RULES

  24. hate UBO says

    i agree with yo and novus. The game is absolutley crap. The players do favour one another and somtimes all gang up and bully on one person. the numerous bugs are fukin annoying. and when u cant hit the players bag u.

  25. Before any of you give up on this game or refuse to play it anymore, keep checking back with the game to see the changes, if any at all, that are made. UBO does plan to roll to roll out a new version of the game, my guess is probably in 2 months time or so.

    I understand what some of you are saying that is annoying in the game at this time. Lag, being F4d out of a game, bugs, rude players and the like. My suggestions to you before you play this game, would be to close down any other programs running the background, especially any downloads and ims. And make sure you have a pretty good connection to the interenet. A good pc will also help. Once most of those things are done, your chances of getting F4d from a game will be greatly reduced. Bugs, well they will be there until UBO gets around to fixing em. Lag, well you have a couple of things you can do here. If the lag is not coming from you, then keep track of the players that it is coming from and remember that. The next time you go into a game, try not to enter the games with those players who do have lag. Rudeness, well, depending on bad the person is acting, take a screen shot of it and report the person. So what if you report someone. People shouldnt have to put up with unneeded bull crap when they are trying to relax and play a game. The best advice for the rudeness is to ignore the chat. I do that alot in those games and just look at it every now and then to make sure my team isnt telling me something important or pertinent to the game.

    Hacking….eh…could be possibly, who knows. I really cant say that there isnt any hacking going on nor can I say that there is. To say that all the top players hack is totally stupid though. There are quite a few players in the game that are simply good at the game.

    GMs…yeah you could say they have been known to favor every now and then. It has happened in the past, that I have no doubt. But right now, things with the GMs have been really stable. I really dont like the fact that most of the GMs are allowed to play the game with their own characters and be a gm. In my opinion, GMs for this game should not be allowed to do this simply for the basic reason of favoritism.

    Cant hit and the players annoy u….you have to remember that there are a ton of 10 year olds playing this game so get yourself in the right mindset.

    Ganging up, favoring one another….yeah I will admit that I prefer to play with my buddies and why not? Thats why I am in the game and playing it in the first place.

    Stackage…happens sometimes. Unless I am afk before the game starts I will try to make sure the game is even but every now and then, I like the challenge. Its gonna happen in almost every game you play anyhow.

    Game developement…This is probable my biggest annoyance of the game. The devs are not and will not listen to the community, period. They are going to do what they want and thats it. I am not talking about the devs who are working out of the California office here. I am talking about the main game devs who work out of Korea. To me, those game devs and the brain trust that makes the decisions are the biggest hinderance this game has yet they are the ones putting it together. So what you gonna do…..

    This is a sports game guys and gals. How many of these free online multi player games are sports games? Oh yeah, sure you got your ShotOnline, and Albatross, Freestyle, FishingChamp, etc…and perhaps a few more. But they are not like this game. In a few months time or so, UBO will be releasing their newest version of UBO. I strongly suggest that when that happens, be there to check it out, and dont give up on it until after you play it for some time. Not just 1 or 2 days either.

    If the new version goes back to server side instead of this peer to peer crap, I really think this game will be awesome. They have made a few, quote a few, positive strides during this peer to peer phase. But when this game was played via server side, it was almost unbeatable. 9 vs 9 games are the tops man. They had the lag reduced to a very playable state when it was server side. The game play was alot more realistic then what we see now.

    There are pros and cons to the game no doubt. But for me, someone who has played this game a long time just like a few of the old timers who have replied above, I am going to keep my faith and hope this game comes around. I will stick around long enough to check out the new version and then make my decision whether to keep on playing or move on.

  26. Just one other thing I have to say here…Snickers did write a handful of stuff…

    But, when Im playing a game, I sure as heck dont need to see a lot cussing and swearing going on. That to me is a sure sign of retardedness. Why people feel the need to cuzz in a game is beyond me. Oh yeah I understand losing your cool once in a blue moon and doing it. But not to the extent that some people take it.

    And by the way, unless things have changed since I was a gm there, they are not ban happy at the time. I am no longer a gm and havent been one in quite a long time so please dont ask me for any favors in game.

  27. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I’ll definitely have to check out the new version. With my Cleveland Indians doing so well this year, I’m definitely in a baseball state of mind.

  28. ubogm77imlame says

    In reference to UBO’s GM’s showing favoritism:

    Recently in order to resolve a scheduling conflict for league play, a group of GM’s at UBO decided it would be OK to give 8 players on a weaker team about 13000 FREE exp pts., thus making them all star ranked players.

    None of the eight players were even halfway to the rank, which is 25000 exp.

    My team, which is in the same league as this team, has only 2 players of all star rank, and we both played forever to get there.

    But this team, for some reason, is so loved by interest-conflicted GMs at UBO, they got 8 free passes to lvl 60.

    I used to like UBO, but after hearing of this and witnessing the GM’s covering their tracks afterwards (message board mods = GMs), I advise you all to play UBO and be a complete a-hole, because the idiot gms need more headaches, more stress so they won’t live to corrupt online gaming as long.

    UBO gm’s are the lamest class of gamer ever, worse than fans of Mario is Missing, worse than UMK3 players who claim to be awesome yet use Smoke constantly, worse than people who get right up to the screen to play Duck Hunt and worse than every 14 yr old racist, loudmouth permavirgin on XBL.

  29. Flighthacks says

    This is such a horrible game. I’ve been playing the past year and I’ve seen this company completely go in the shitter and turn a potential product into a sespool of pixelated garbage.

    Netamin is the worst development team with the worst management I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve done my research on them.

    They’ve been around since 1999 and have NEVER released a game. So they’re trying to create a unique multiplayer baseball game yet there’s nobody who can make it happen.

    This game has absolutely no chance of being developed and in the past year they’ve only patched the game twice and every patch they release makes the game worse. It’s too obvious the developers don’t have a clue what’s going on and it’s likely don’t don’t even speak English or ever seen a baseball game since they’re a low budget group of developers in Korea.

    The staff they have is a joke too. The only promise they had was the nerd who would do interviews and would actually run the tournaments and leagues then have write-ups about each game… now they have nothing. The staff they have now will never answer your questions they just make up excuses for everything.

    Some players get free levels. Some players get away with hacking. The GMs are retards. This game is flooded with players from around the world that do nothing but lag the servers. This game is supposed to be in beta.

    My first account got banned for stealing a single base. How the hell am I supposed to know you can’t steal in a baseball game? So I end up e-mailing customer support and the retard tells me to call him. Ok so let’s see… I’m calling out of state just to get my character unbanned? What kind of happy horseshit is that? I ended up making another account.

    This also means I got stuck in the server with level 10 and less. That server is a fucking nightmare.

    Then I found out there’s a ton of players who get banned or want players banned and they actually call these people. What kind of staff does that? I’m sure there’s a bunch of players that get banned for real reasons and just end up calling and getting unbanned.

    If that’s not the icing on the cake I go to the townhall meetings they have on vent (it’s like teamspeak) and I find out there’s only one retard running the game. This guy has absolutely no clue what he’s doing.

    If you enjoy playing an incomplete attempt of a baseball game that has horrible gameplay and can’t even support more than 6 total players in a single game that will never be patched or updated. Management that has no fucking clue what’s going on and will resort to banning you unless you call them. A game that welcomes and rewards hackers because they’re too fucking stupid or cheap to buy antihack software. Then feel free to try UBO.

    I deleted my account and the game. I hope my experience prevents further torture for others curious about this godforsaken game.

  30. @Flighthacks – That certainly sounds like a pretty bad state of the game if you’re getting banned for stealing bases. Then they want you to call out of state? That’s ridiculous.

  31. Flighthacks LOL – Ok first off, lets start with your attitude. You won’t even talk with respect about the ‘only promise (UBO) had”, you call him a nerd? What’s that about? What are you compensating for that would make you call people names who you don’t even know? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

    Also I have never had a problem with staff answering quesions and I’ve been playing UBO since 12/2006, almost a year.

    When you ‘had’ to call out of state, did you ask if instead they would call you? They called me when I had an issue and had asked them to.

    This one also to 77imlame – The players that recieved the free levels did so only to make the All Star league have an even number of teams and thus affording for a schedule without bye weeks for teams. Obviously this was a mistake but the team and players in question were never going to be allowed to keep the extra levels and were slated to have them removed after the leagues season was concluded. Despite the extra levels, that team was too inexperienced regardless to compete on a competitive level and were striped of their ‘bonus’ levels early and moved back down to the Major leagues before the season was two weeks old. Nobody in the community was happy that the whole episode happened but most of us will chalk it up to trial and error that will not happen again. This was not GM favoratism as ‘Boomers’ were all new, inexperienced players.

    Flight, The reason that you can’t steal bases is because of the fact that the game is still in BETA and AI is still unpredicatable when it comes to handling basestealers. Yes EASports or whoever wouldn’t have this problem, but you also wouldn’t be playing it for free. Im also pretty sure, but just assuming here, that when you were told you can’t steal bases you A) stole anyway or B) cursed at the people who were telling you that you couldn’t steal.

    You know what, I don’t want to waste anymore time with you two. Flighthacks and UBOGM77imlame I’m glad your both not part of the community anymore regardless of who you may have been. Your certainly not pleasent on this site and seem to have piss poor attitudes in general, calling people names and encouraging in game bad behavior. Good riddance.

  32. Flighthacks says

    Can’t help but appreciate a reply that begins with questions and remarks in the attempt of answers or to start a flame war. This is feedback about a game not a random forum of childish Jeopardy.

    Aside from the obvious mood swings your entire response is a joke.

    To sum up your reply all u did was attempt to flame those who replied here, u came up with excuses to defend your personal opinions on a game u played almost a year that has gone nowhere.

    Far as your personal attacks against myself I called him a nerd because he looks like one. Look at the interviews they’ve had with him, he’s a nerd and I called him that because I don’t know his name I’ve just seen the work he’s done. I’m not sure what your relationship is or was with him but get over youself because he got fired anyways. I even explained how he was the only one there who had a clue what they were doing.

    Your excuse about asking them to call me further proves your ignorance. Name a single online game where u ask them to call u because I sure as fuck can’t think of a single one. The reason why u register for a game with your e-mail address is to protect your account and so any customer service can assist u if your account status changes. That would also suggest that u were banned before, great job trying to bash me over a huge flaw in a game yet u won’t admit what u did.

    I found out I couldn’t steal AFTER my account was banned and that’s when I found out they wanted to talk to me on the phone. The fact u admit to talking to this company on the phone doesn’t make u look smart or make the game more appealing.

    Your explaination about the team given levels is another excuse, name another online game that just gives players free levels. It destroys the integrity of the game when it’s not availible to every single player in the game. Even if they lose the levels they still HAD higher leveled characters. In ANY game that has levels to make your character stronger u always get an advantage not to mention the fact they were in a tournament that offered prizes. This prize was to get entry into a tournament that offered cash prizes.

    The reason why it’s considered a prize is the same as buying a lottery ticket. There’s a chance u can win anything from the biggest prize to nothing, but there is still a chance.

    Next time reply with your opinions about the game instead of trying to target those who have real opinions about the game. The least u could do is think of good points in this game instead of excuses to justify why u still play.

    With that said have fun with your garbage game.

  33. lol, whats up ppl.. btw Ultimate baseball online is a great game! although there are bugs and they hopfully will be fixed.

  34. gd game!

  35. I miss this game.

  36. I still miss this game.


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