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The Carnival of Gamers heads out of town for good.

With a heavy heart, I’m here to announce that The Carnival of Gamers is retiring. As of January 1st, 2008 I’ll be taking down the Carnival Headquarters page. It will relegated to this blog post so that all the links to previous Carnivals can be preserved. If you were a former Carnival Host, here’s no need for you to change any of the links on your end, I’ll set up a simple redirect to this post so nothing will be lost.

I had high hopes for the Carnival. I think, at its peak, it was a great place to find great video game blogging. But it slowly lost steam and I didn’t have as much time to support it. I hate giving up on anything, but this is the end of the road for the Carnival. It was fun to do but was a lot of work, which took time that I now find in short supply. Three kids will do that. But I appreciate all the previous hosts and their hard work as well. If you were involved in the Carnival in any sort of way, THANK YOU.

There is still great “group blogging” going on. The Roundtable is still going strong (keep up the good work, Corvus) and the newly formed Blog Banter will carry the torch admirably. I will endeavor to contribute to both.

So I bid the Carnival farewell.

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What we’re playing, Holiday Break Edition

The Holiday break my have already ended for some of you, but for some of us, it’s just getting started. Mrs. Buttonmasher’s parents came to town to take two of the munchkins back to their place for a while, so it will just be me, the missus and the baby buttonmasher. I’m not heading back to work for a few more days, so I’ve got lots of gaming time on my hands. Here’s what I’ll be playing:

Pokemon Diamond – I wanted to finish Pokemon before I dive into Phantom Hourglass, but I’ve been stuck in the same place for about two weeks, making very little progress, so I did that which I hate — I went to GameFAQs for some “hints”. I’ve finally made it past the latest roadblock, but I had no idea how deep this game really is. I think I’m slowly closing in on the end. I’m about to take out the sixth (of eight) gym leaders so I figure I’m just about done.

On the 360, I’d really like to finish up a couple games I started earlier, Bioshock and Halo 3. Once I get those two in the bag, I’ll make my way back to Mass Effect to get some time there. I’ll probably try to work on a few more achievements from games I’ve left behind (Forza, NCAA 2008). Of course, now that the hand is about 80%, I’ve been able to play some Halo 3 on Live. That’s always a good time. I should probably pick up Puzzle Quest on XBLA, but I may hold off on that. There’s just too much gaming at the moment.

I posed the “what you playing” question to Nat and it looks like it’s all 360 for him: Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, and getting 1000 achievement points on Assassin’s Creed. (Ninja edit: I’m going to add to this. Some things have changed since he asked me a week ago.-Nat) I made the mistake of picking up a second PSP (Thank goodness for Visa Sony points!) in order to play Playstation Network games. Beats is an interesting title that uses MP3s on your memory stick to play a game that is similar to Boom Boom Rocket on Xbox Live. I also made the mistake of starting Final Fantasy Tactics. I’m finding that to be easier than it was almost ten years ago. We’ve also been watching movies like crazy at our house. We picked up an HD-DVD player from Sam’s at a great price. Batman Begins? Yes, please. (Now back to Tony. – Nat)

On the blogging front, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, a lot of things I’m excited about. I’d like to finish our “Games of the Year” post before the new year, but it may not make it by then. I’ve also got some new developments on the gaming front, but we’ll tackle those soon enough.

What games have you been playing? Any good Christmas loot?


I’m not really sure this is a Wii game (but I do see a wrist strap at the bottom of the bat, unused, so what do I know?), as the YouTube title suggests, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Why is it when something funny is caught on tape, it’s always funnier when it’s played over and over, occasionally in slow motion?

(from SI’s Hot Clicks)

Hardest Game Ever

Title says it all. (via theMonkey)

Vectorized video game art


Using the VectorMagic web app, Philipp Lenssen took pieces of screenshots from video games and vectorized and enlarged them, creating some abstract, but very familiar, images.