Happy New Year!

I’m back and I’m ready to take on 2007 with renewed gusto. I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend and that everyone’s New Year’s Day is going good.

I had a pretty good, albeit hectic, Christmas Holiday. It was nice to see the extended family. We had family from out-of-town, so the little buttonMashers got to see their cousin and aunts and uncles. We spent most of the week with them, at Mrs. buttonMasher’s parent’s house. The brother-in-law is a gamer and we spent most of the week playing Fight Night 3 (a great game with easy Achievement Points, BTW). It was painful playing it on a 21″ TV, but it beats no gaming at all. We also saw some movies. The new Bond movie was excellent and the new Rocky movie was suprisingly good.

Santa was good to me, bringing everything I asked for (except for the sound system, still looking for that). I haven’t had a chance to play any of my new games yet, as I’ve been busy with other things.

Like I mentioned earlier, my new TV arrived just as we were getting ready to head out of town for the holidays. We came home on Saturday, picked up a nice TV stand and set up my new Samsung TV. (I’ll be posting some pictures later). I picked up some HDTV rabbit ears, since my cable package is the basic, non-digital package. For some reason, however, I’m picking up a few of the broadcast HD signals over the cable. It’s weird. Anyway, my current cable provider, Time Warner, doesn’t offer all the broadcast channels in high-def. The two channels they don’t offer are the ones I actually want so I’m switching companies to WOW! Cable. I’m getting their Digital Package, with all their HD offerings. It comes on Wednesday, I can’t wait. Even though I’m only getting a few channels in HD right now, I can already see 2007 is going to be a High Definition year for me. I’m currently watching a Bowl game (WVU vs. GT) instead of the other games, because it’s coming in HD and the others aren’t. I can’t believe how good it looks on this TV.

And the 360? Wow. That’s all I can say right now. WOW! I played some Dead Rising and Burnout Revenge so far in HD and it took me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor. It’s that good.

So I hope everyone’s having a good holiday season. I’m back in the saddle with lots of plans for blogging this year. I appreciate everyone who’s been reading and commenting. I hope 2007 is another great year for everyone. I’m going to play some games in HD.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    It looks like ’07 will be a good year for gaming all around, with all the new wii games coming out (http://wiinintendo.net/2006/12/29/wiis-a-jolly-good-fellow-a-happy-new-year-for-the-wii) Plus I’m starting the year with lots of gaming goodness! I found a certain sale at a certain retailer, and I picked up some gamecube games I missed (with X-mas money of course,) I got: Fire Emblem path of radiance (it’s fire emblem, so obviously, it’s one of the best GC titles out there, better than Windwaker IMO) Battalion Wars (my friend rented it once, I thought it was pretty cool, that was a few years ago, and now it sorta let me down, it’s not THAT great, it doesn’t feel fun as you play it, and you kinda have to force yourself to playit, but when your done you realize you done hate it, or love it, crap, I just got majorly off track, and my spelling has gone to crap too!) and Donkey Kong Jungle beat with 2 bongos (Jungle beat is okay, but as gamespot says, around the 8th level, it gets very repetitive, and loses it’s charm, your no long tapping the bongos, your holding them by the side, and just pressing on them with your thumbs) and donky konga, when I orderd donkey konga off EB games.com, it said it was in stock, but when I look at my order status, it says out of stock, it may be a while before I see that one. Anyway, I got 4 games, plus 2 bongo controllers, for $40. Also, I checked half.com, and I could resell each one of these games for MORE than what I paid for them…kekeke! Plus I still have Zelda (on the 4th dungon boss, 35 hours into the game, there are 9 dungons) and Wii sports, which hasn’t lost it’s charm yet. So as I said before, ’07 looks like a good year to own a Wii!

  2. FS – Sounds like you’re stocked for some good Wii goodness this year. I’ve got Fire Emblem for the GC, I just never got into. I should probably go back to it one of these days.

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