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Animal CrossingNow that both of the little mashers know how to open the DS Lite and use the touch screen, you might not want to leave games like Animal Crossing: Wild World cartridge in the slot, especially if the saved game represents a lot of time spent on the game. It’s bad enough that they open and close the case with recklesss abandon (yes, you’ve been cursed with the hinge crack), but now they’ve gone and erased your Animal Crossing town. The sleepy village of Pamplona is no more, having been banished to the Luminiferous ether.

So it looks like your days of playing Animal Crossing: Wild World are over. It’s doubtful you’ll be going back any time soon, now that you’ve got a pinata garden to tend to. The animals in the Wild World will miss you, for sure, but someday you’ll make it back to see them.

Meddling little kids!


  1. squirrel on his wii says


    I’m not sure i’d ever play again if my file was deleted… of course, i no longer HAVE a file since i sold my DS, but still…

  2. Ufff… that gotta hurt… but then again, you just have to love those kids for figuring it out by themselves 🙂

  3. If you sell one of them to slavers maybe it will teach the other to keep out of your stuff? I’d give it a shot. All you have to decide is which one to keep. Don’t worry about the law. No jury of gamers would convict you.

  4. squirrel – Yeah, I doubt I’ll be playing any more AC. I invested too much time to start over. I think I’ll trade it in for a new game.

    Simon – That’s the most baffling part. I wonder if one of the kids actually made through enough of the menu choices. My little boy like tapping on the screen with the stylus (both kids LOVE Ouendan) so it may have been the perfect storm of screen taps to take my town out.

    Bobster – The thought has crossed my mind, believe me.

  5. I believe my mom would have killed me if I offed her whole Animal Crossing town. Mine, on the other hand, is neglected enough as it is.

    This could be a silver lining of sorts. Trade it in for a better game. How about the English version of Ouendan? (Elite Beat Agents has YMCA, and they do the little dance, too. I think that’s amusing. Okay, so maybe that’s just me)

  6. Joy – there was a moment were harm to the offender was considered, but I resisted. I will probably take your advice, though and use it as trade bait. I do have EBA, though, so I will probably pick something else up.


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