Decisions, decisions.

So I’m faced with a TV viewing dilemma: Today is the season premier of Heroes, the surprise hit show for NBC. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Heroes and have looked forward to the new season. Barring a few “huh?” moments (Hiro fighting a T-Rex? Huh?), Heroes is very enjoyable. The problem? It’s scheduled to go right up against 24. I have a long standing relationship with 24, something I don’t want to end yet. Despite my initial reservations for this season, 24 and I have a history together that cannot be ignored. So now I have to decide if I stick with the old stand-by or jump ship and shack up with the new flavor of the month. What should I do? Please note that “TiVo one and watch the other” is not the answer I’m looking for, for two reasons. One, I don’t have a DVR and refuse to record one of these shows on the VCR. It’s HD or nothing, baby! Two, I’m actually trying to cut down on TV viewing, so I’m thinning my watching schedule. Lost is already very close to being cut in favor of playing basketball Wednesday evenings. I just don’t know what to cut between 24 and Heroes. Decisions, decisions.

I guess another option is to watch Heroes on another channel. Doesn’t the Sci-Fi channel usually rebroadcast Heroes episodes a week or two later? That would mean no HD heroes, which really isn’t acceptable.

Regardless of what happens, I’m pumped about Prison Break starting up again tonight. No schedule conflicts there!

I’m pretty sure the audiences of 24 and Heroes are pretty similar, and I know a bunch of you guys watch both. What are you’re plans for this scheduling conundrum?


  1. Heroes used to show on Sci Fi on Friday – but I’m not sure that’s a permanent engagement or not.

    I love 24, but The Girl can’t really stand it … so I’ll probably try to remember to burn it to DVD and watch it after (Studio 60).

  2. I’m done with Heroes. I’m tired of nothing happening on it. The show is all hype, and I’ve forgotten why I even liked it to begin with, or why anybody would like it.

    Plus, it’s 24 man, the best show on television.

  3. I have been telling you for months to get DVR and itdoes record in HD. Sucker now you have to make a decision almost like choosing between your 2 kids……wonder which kid you would have chosen hmmmmm….I am guessing you better not answer that one

  4. FlamingSquirrel says

    Play Gears Of war. Simple answer. Don’t watch either one. I don’t like either, but from what I saw of both of them, 24 looks better, but like I said, I don’t like them. I watch almost no TV at all, movies, yes, games yes, TV, no, Just Mythbusters.

  5. I watch three shows. Three.

    One is on Sunday night now and then there is Heroes and 24. 24 has proven it’s worth. I’ll go with that and download the other.

    …and then call DirectTV tomorrow about upgrading my HD receiver into the HD-DVR receiver.

  6. Josh – the lady factor does play a role. Mrs. buttonMasher loves 24 and is so-so on Heroes. Guess what we watched today.

    Mike – I’m giving Heroes a little slack, but it definitely has had moments that frustrate me. They keep letting out more line, because they know they’ve set the hook and they can string us a long for a while.

    Jeremiah – I don’t have the intensinal fortitude to watch TV like you can. You make it an artform. I can’t justify the cost of the DVR for one show, HD or not.

    FS – good for you. TV rots your brain and you’re young enough to resist it. Keep up the good fight!

    ag – Not counting Thursdays, I watch Prison Break, 24, and Heroes. Now Heroes may be on the way out. I may just watch it online from now on. Good luck with the HD-DVR.

  7. FlamingSquirrel says

    lol, except that I’m always on my compy, or Wii, so it really doesn’t count, I just find that most of the time i’d rather be doing other things *cough*PLAYING ZELDA*cough* than watch wanna be armature singers be made fun of by some British guy.

  8. This is easy. Watch 24 now and get the DVDs of Heros via Netflix when they come out.

  9. Home made media center has been an unbelievable help in dilemmas like these. Recorded heroes while I watched 24.

    ps. MyBlogLog rocks, glad to see you grabbed the sidebar widget!

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