More Wii Fitness

I mentioned earlier about a guy using the Wii as a way to lose weight, and there have since been articles popping up everywhere with success stories about people gaming their way to better health. I think we’ll see an increase in attention to this aspect of the Wii for a while, people will work on Wii Workouts (someone already has, which redirects to the blog of the Wii weight-loss guy mentioned in the Reuters article) and then the media will move on to something else.

I figure it will be a fad that will shortly fade away. In the meantime, it will be fun to watch what people will do with the new technology.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says:

    I’ve been watching that blog ever since he announced he was doing the experiment, he’s been interviewed several times on news shows too. Thats a really good blog too

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