Breaking out again?

I wanted to post this Monday after the season finale of Prison Break, but the Ohio State/Florida game was on (and didn’t end well) so I never got around to commenting on the last episode of my (currently) favorite show. (Spoiler Warning)

So for my fellow Prison Break fans, what did you think? The finale certainly left quite a few storylines wide open. What happened to Kellerman? Was he gunned down in the back of the police van, or were his escorts? Is Sucre going to buy the farm on a Panamanian street corner? And what’s the deal with the crazy old man and Sona? Is there something more to Michael than meets the eye? My theory? He’s some kind of super-soldier genetically enhanced by the government, and the whole frame-job of his brother was to get his training kick started. Far fetched? Of course. But things certainly got wierd in this last episode.

And who else will be in Sona with Scofield? It’s obvious that Mahone is in there. Bellick, too, right? I’m assuming Bagwell will find his way in there somehow, and will hopefully meet an ignominious end. I think his time has finally come.

So it looks like we’ll be breaking out of prison again in the fall. I can’t wait!

Prison Break

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