Watch someone else play the Halo 3 beta

If you’re like me, you’re sitting at work, watching the clock click down to quitting time, so you can rush home and download the Halo 3 beta. While you wait for the whistle to blow, you can watch a live feed of “The Outlaw Master C” play Halo 3 live.

(I know that URL looks scary, but it’s “Outlaw’s Cam” not “outlaw scam”. I promise!)

Thanks to my buddy Dark Reyule for this one. I need to play this game, like NOW.

Update: And, of course, just like Mike points out in the comments, there are still problems. Those of us trying to get in the Beta via Crackdown are still waiting. Bummer. With the Cavs playoff game and Lost, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting to play this until much later than hoped. Double Bummer


  1. I hope you’re not trying to get in via Crackdown, becuase that still isn’t working…

    Also, added you to my Live friends list now that I FINALLY have a 360. I’m Striker0bi.

  2. Mike – nice, I’ll accept your invite next time I’m on. What games do you have? Will you be doing the Halo 3 beta thing?

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