It’s that time of year — time for Mrs. Buttonmasher to pack up the little mashers and head to the masher-in-laws for the week, leaving Mr. Buttonmasher a whole week of fun and excitement! I got things started off today with a round of golf and I got to watch the painful Game 3 loss of the Cavaliers to the Spurs. But I’m not going to let that dampen my spirits! This is my week!

Sure, I’ve got a honey to-do list to take care of, but there will be plenty of time for video games. I plan on copious amounts of Everquest 2, Forza 2 and much more gaming. I broke down and picked up a copy of Forza 2 and I rented a couple games from Blockbuster. I’m also thinking of giving that Survivor challenge in Dead Rising one more chance. I’ve got a whole plan for that one worked out. We’ll see what happens there.

I also hope to get more blogging in than is usual. There’s also a possibility I will be adding a 3rd semi-regular poster here, but that’s still up in the air.

So I hope you’ll join me in the extravaganza! Games for all!


  1. Nice to know I’m not the only one who gets and enjoys a week without wife or kids for a little break and gaming time. Mine happens in a week and my best friend and co-blogger will be visiting for a few days during that time. Should be fun.


  2. Mine is always the last week in October right through Halloween. Man, I can’t wait. It’s when i get all my zombie movie watching in as well.

  3. I get three weeks away from the wife and kid five or six times a year due to business travel. That’s when I get some SERIOUS gaming in. For three weeks in July I will be Ever Questing like an Ever Quester has never Ever Quested before.

  4. Interesting to see we all get these little breaks. The very nice and help out with the sanity.

    On the flip side, I promised the wife that I’d take the kids to my parents’ house to give her a break. She deserves it.


  1. […] I mentioned I be trying the 7-day survivor (again) in Dead Rising one last time, but I met an very untimely death about two days into the game by that Army Freak in the Hardware store and I swore that game off forever. It’s still my favorite 360 game to date, but I just can’t take another heartbreak in survivor mode. Enough of that, I’m waiting for DR 2 now. […]

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