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NCAA 2008The college football season starts right now!

(actually, it starts in about an hour, after dinner and the kids are bathed. So almost now)

Update: Okay, I’ve been able to put a couple hours in so far. One huge glaring problem I have is the absence of the “Create-a-school.” I was aware that this feature was left out of NCAA 07 but I thought it surely would have been left in the game. Disappointing! No University of North Royalton Bears Dynasty this year. (I should have known better, of course. This is EA we’re talking about. It will be “in the game” next year.) That means I’ll probably take over as the Kent State coach and take them to the national championship. I wanted to stay in Ohio and have a 1-star team, so that’s my only option.

Outside of that issue — ME LIKEY. I’ll have a more comprehensive review/post up after I get a few hours with the Dynasty mode in.


  1. Somebody explain. Is there a cult following to this game or something?

    I keep reading about this title all over the place.

  2. In the past it has been a good game, but it seems to be on the typical EA Sports roller coaster of being good one year and messed up the next. Last year was a bad year for it I think, so people are pumped this might be a good year for it. Personally, I view it as a title that holds my football lust in check until Madden comes out.

  3. @Nat – It’s hard to explain, but it’s every sports fans dream to take control of a college football team and go for the glory.

    @Steve – I’m the opposite. I’ll play NCAA and then I’ll give Madden a play or two, then it’s back to NCAA.

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