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USB BatteryI’m not trying to turn this into the battery blog, but I’ve been sitting on this post for a while and now the time seemed right. A friend (I believe it was the Bobster) sent me a link to a company selling a very clever idea — USB batteries.

One of the complaints about the previous trick I posted is that even if you can get a bunch of batteries cheaply, rechargeable batteries are better because they produce less waste and are more environmentally friendly. I’ve never bought into the enviro-movement myself, but if a product is good, I’m open to the possibilities. The biggest issue I have with using rechargeables is the fact that I’m too lazy to keep a set in the charger. The fact that I could be charging them in my actual Xbox 360 unit is pretty nice. I think this is the perfect battery setup for a 360. A set in the controller and a set charging. As long as the battery has some kind of circuitry to ensure proper charging, these batteries would definitely do the trick.

I may have to try them out.

(I love the product photo they use. Could they seriously not find a working 360 unit? Doesn’t the four read rings mean the video cable is disconnected?)


  1. I think the USB rechargeable battery is a great idea. I need to get me some of those there things.

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