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Halo 3

I know I’m about 20 hours behind everyone else, but that’s okay. Halo 3 will be going in to the 360 after the wife and I watch “The Biggest Loser”. While we polish of some ice cream.

After reading Tom’s post about the Halo 3 campaign, I am very excited about this. I hope there are some friends to join in on the action once I’m on.

(BTW: Seems like Xbox Live and all its components are getting epically slammed. Everything is running slow. Could it happen any other way?)

More to follow.

More: I played entirely too long and now should be sleeping, but here are a few thoughts:

  • The reports of sub-par graphics have been greatly exaggerated. Holy crap this game looks good. I recently switched from component cables to the VGA cable, so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not, but man this game looks good. There were a couple times, one during a cutscene, where things looked absolutely amazing. People say this isn’t on par with Gears of War. I disagree with them. Gears of War used five thousand shades of gray and brown. Halo 3 is vibrant beyond belief.
  • I think I’m very close to the end of the second mission. So far, the campaign has been great, but marred by strange checkpoints. Sometimes they’re too close together, other times that are too far apart. There’s no consistency.
  • Everything feels alive. Except for the scary eyes, the “extras” seem real and life-like. Creepy at times, funny at others.
  • I only played one game of multiplayer, but I can already see this is going to be a blast. I played a little free-for-all slayer (where I came out on top, natch) and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to get in on some matches with friends.

There’s a lot more that could be said but sleep beckons. If you’ve played, let me know what your impressions are (in the comments or a link to your blog).


  1. Don’t feel too bad, I’m further behind then you… My 360 is packed away in a box in my new apartment – and I won’t be down there until Friday. šŸ™ Maybe I should go buy the game… so I can at least look at it. Heh.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    Oh ya? I probably wont be playing the game anytime this year! $350 JUST for the console is out of the price range of a teenager to young to be employed even by McDonald’s! To soften the blow, I’m getting an Xbox from my friend who just got a 360 (the bastard!) he’s selling it on the cheap for $60 with 2 controllers, one is wireless too! So i’m gonna explore the wonders of softmodding, and xbox media center and all the goodies that go along with that, like Halo 1 Mulitplayer with BOTS! Or instead of Bots that can hold their own in a match against a human, just place a crap load of campaign AI into the map, with covenant and marines, and watch them duke it out, while yo fire a needler that shoots sticky grenades, or a flame thrower assault rifle! so 1337 h4x0r1ng games will be fun.

    and yes yes, I have a wii. big deal. It’s not THAT great, there are 3 must owns, and 2 can be found on other systems. RE4, Twilight, and of course, MP3:C But the later isn’t all that amazing, yeah it’s got gerat level design, but if you don’t like metroid in general, then you still wont care much for it. (I’m NOT saying I don’t like metroid in general.)

  3. Do you find that the graphics look better using VGA than with component? I’ve heard opposing opinions on that one, but as someone who has both options available, I think that a component connection looks better just due to color brightness. VGA looks washed out. Still great, but a bit dull.

    If you are interested in playing some online campaign co-op, let me know. I’ve played twice already with four players and it is a great deal of fun.

    As a side note, I got a chuckle when I checked my friends list and saw 15 people playing Halo 3 and you playing Ratatouille.

  4. @Will – I haven’t done a comparison yet with both the component and the VGA. I’d be interested to see if it is indeed washed out. I have a DLP, and I’ve heard VGA is the best option for LCD, but I’m not sure yet.

    What kind of TV do you have?

    And yeah, I was playing Ratatouille for the kids and a review I’m doing for Games for Lunch. It isn’t too bad. It’s no Halo 3, of course!

    Once I get the swing of things I’d definitely be down for some co-op or multiplayer!

  5. what would the video game gods think of you. cool blog you got here. peace.


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