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Stats!I am getting a lot of Google searches for people wanting all the Halo 3 stats info they can find. Google is directing them to a post I did about the Halo 3 Beta stats going live. That doesn’t help out much, so since I am a huge Halo 3 stats whore (I love love love them), I’m more than happy to provide people with additional information.

Right now, the pickings for a comprehensive, one-stop shop for your Halo 3 Stats are slim. The best is still going to be Bungie’s site. That’s not a bad thing, as it’s quite easy to use and well designed. They have a boatload of stats and just about everything you can ask for. Of course, that’s not enough for some people. They want, crave, and desire more. So I went looking for more.

The site StatsReloaded.com is the first stop you should make. While it’s not perfect, there is a lot of potential. Give it a try. (Please note that their site is “in Beta” and the stats may be reset a couple times before the site launches for real).

The first thing you’ll have to do is “register” your gamertag with their site. It’s simply adding your gamertag to their database. After you’ve added it, they create a page that is reminiscent of your Bungie.net page, but will a little more data (you can see mine here). I like the “Most Feared” and “Most Killed” stats. I expect most of my friends to appear in the “Most Killed” column!

I like to compare my stats with people on my friends list (and the random people I play) but it’s a little clunky with Bungie.net. StatsOverloaded comes through, with the ability to compare up to 16 players. (Again, the players you want to compare have to be in their database.) I went ahead and added my co-blogger Dark Reyule into their system (hope you don’t mind, DR!) and compared our stats. You can see the comparison here. Not too shabby.

For those of you that love your forum signatures, your bases are covered.

StatsReloaded Halo 2 News & Stats

StatsReloaded.com has a lot of potential. It seems like their servers are a bit sluggish and their site isn’t the most usable one out there, but for those of you looking to do more with your Halo 3 statistics, on October 8th, StatsReloaded.com looks to be a one stop shop. There will probably be A LOT of these types of sites that pop up. Heck, Bungie may even do something on their site. But whatever you’re looking for, there are going to be many ways to have fun with Halo 3 stats.


  1. VERY cool.

    If I ever 1) buy a 360 2) buy Halo 3 3) Find the free time to play it and 4) pay the ridiculous “hi I’m a console gamer please f*&^ me” fee to play online, I will be all about those 😉

    I am a total stats whore.

  2. Thanx for the tip brotha… Im a stats whore as well, H3 Stats Reloaded seems like it will be a great site sooner or later but, They do need to work on those ugly a$$ sigs though.

  3. I’ve always used http://halo2.junk.ws/ for my stats and it has been awesome. They are currently working on their H3 stat program and expect to be up and going October 12th. I’ll have to check out these other sites as well. Thanks for the info!

  4. @Nat – Practice makes perfect! Or at least a little better.

    @JP – It’s funny, because I’m not a great Halo player, but I love watching my medal count increase after each battle. There are times when I’ve got the laptop open, refreshing my Bungie.net page just to see them go up. I need help!

    @GP – Glad I could help out a fellow stats junkie.

    @BSA – I played around with halo2.junk.ws as well, and liked what they had to offer. I liked Query Spree and their TPS reports, too. So many toys to play with!

  5. I have used Query Spree as well, I forgot about that one! All I use right now is the Bungie stats. I don’t have enough games under my belt where I actually want an in depth analysis. Any program would just tell me, “Please keep playing so hopefully in the future you won’t suck as bad and we can actually tell you something good.” Oh well. : )

  6. Check out http://halobit.com/sig It is a Stat Sig generator for Halo 3

  7. I use http://www.halogamercard.com cause i feel its the best out there

  8. @Rap3 – I get an error when I try to access Halobit.

    @Zac – That’s a pretty cool site. I prefer somewhere that aggregates my stats, but being able to show them off is just as important!

  9. sick website linnks..

    one question, all those halo stats site, where do they actually get the information from.
    Bungie for example is not supporting the leaderboard on it’s site due to hackers. and there are businesses devoted to products that display results.
    anyone knows how?


  1. […] followed this blog since the beginning, you’ll know how much of a stats whore I am (Halo 3, for instance). There is a ton of data generated during each match of Dota 2, and there are great […]

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