October in Review

I’ve never done this before, but I’ve always liked it when other blogs I read do their monthly reviews. So I thought I’d give it a try. Time to take a look at the month that was.

It seems like it’s been pretty much Halo 3 and Portal around these parts in October. Sure, we chatted about more than that, but I was pretty much playing Halo 3 exclusively (still am) and my posts had a decidedly Halo 3 slant. I’m actually disappointed to report we only had 16 posts this month. Again, I blame the amount of Halo 3 being played on the drop in post frequency.

Nat brought up the fact that’s he’s got a long list of games he wants to finish. I have one, too. It’s too long to admit. We were discussing this very topic one night on IM and I mentioned that since November is “National Novel Writing Month” we should hijack it and make it “National Finish a Game Month.” Me personally, I want to finish Halo 3 and find all the skulls. If there’s time after that, I want to eventually finish Pokemon Diamond. But one game at a time. Feel free to join us in the “NaFiGaMo.” Something like that.

So what posts got the most traffic this month? I get a lot of traffic from search engine referrals so some of the top posts are actually older posts. The top five posts for the month of October were:

5. Dead Rising is dead to me.
4. MMORPG Sports (Part I)
3. Resident Evil 4 Translation Guide
2. Halo 3 stats ready to go
1. Halo 3 Stats and Stats Galore

There are a lot of people looking for Halo 3 stats. I happy to provide some hopefully useful information.

Of course, along with the regular searches for things like “Halo 3 Stats” and “Resident Evil 4 translations” I get some funny search terms. A few:

“tickling me” – This one baffles me. Sometimes I wish I could see into the mind of the person searching for something like “tickling me.” Maybe something crawled up his shorts and just really wanted to know what that thing that was “tickling him”? I wish I knew. Or maybe I’m glad I don’t. Of course, that’s not half as bad as the person looking for “tickling pee.” I just… Stop. Sadly, this eventually ends with someone looking for “tickling till pee.” I blame Nat.

“deer buttons” – They’re right next to the moose zippers and the bear patches.

“eve is boring” – EVE Online might be boring, but I can’t vouch for eve. Maybe, maybe not.

“gears of war wallet” – Didn’t Jules own one of those?

I could go on, but I’ll spare ya.

So what about November? I’d really like to increase my posting frequency. I often feel like I’m neglecting you guys when I go a day or two without posting. It’s been great having Nat around to help, I just hope to get more content out on a daily basis. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ll definitely have some timely content for that. Hopefully with the bad weather will also bring some more blogging time. Here’s to great November. Let me know if there is something you’d like to see me cover!


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