Broken Hand update

Sometimes you have to go through the bad to savor the good. That appears to be the case with regard to my hand (pictured in all its broken glory here). My orthopedic surgeon ordered a CT scan on my hand just to have a second look and he has determined that it will require surgery. Gah! So it goes from bad to a smidge worse. It should be a simple procedure, nothing major. Now I’m looking at eight weeks of recovery after surgery. He did say that my hand won’t be immoblized the entire time, so I should be good to go soon enough. I go in for the surgery next Tuesday. What a great way to start the holidays, right?

In the meantime, I’m discovering what’s easy to do with your off-hand and what’s not. Shaving my face was an experience all by itself. I may grow a beard rather than suffer the uncertainty of shaving at an awkward angle. Maybe I’ll get an eletric razor. Eating isn’t too bad, luckily. Typing and using a mouse (something I do all day at my real job) have been hampered, but not impossible. Blogging will not suffer. 🙂

As far as gaming goes, I gave it the old college try with some sucess last night. I was able to play games with the DS (without the stylus, BTW), which should ease the pain and boredom a little bit. I couldn’t play for an extended period of time, though, so it will be in short bursts. I still haven’t tried gripping a 360 controller, but I’ll do that for sure this weekend, as my recovery will be set back a week or two after the surgery.

So that’s the update. Thanks for the sympathy on my previous post, your well-wishes are appreciated.


  1. Yay!

    Pokmon all the time!

    …or give Geometry Wars or Mutant Storm a try. It looks like you can use thumbs?

  2. I am sorry to hear about your hand. 🙁

    Time to bust out DDR Universe 2 I’d say. Look mom, no hands!

  3. And can’t you use your feet to play? All those wasted digits!!

  4. Play by feet. That is the answer. Watch this guy show you how.


  5. FlightHacks says

    I just clicked on the picture and it looks like u got the Nintendo Power Glove, It’s so baaaad.

    Hopefully u got a Nintendo Wii because that definitely blows being stuck with one hand, especially if it’s your writing hand. I broke my ring finger one time and that sucked.

    When it comes to computer games I’m guessing you’re gonna be reduced to turn based games for a while. U could always try golf games like albatross18 or shot-online.

    Don’t forget u can still play table Tennis, Paddleball, Racing games (with a steering wheel), Dominos, Strip Poker, Monopoly, Candyland, Kerplunk, and Pocket Pool. Kerplunk was cool.

    Hope u get well soon.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes and gaming ideas. I’m sticking to Tetris on the Gameboy Advance for the time being!


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