I know what Cloverfield is

I saw Cloverfield this afternoon. I loved loved loved it. In order to avoid any spoilers for those of you who may not have seen it, I’ll just make three observations that seem to be the common themes of the discussion of the movie:

  • Everyone who had seen it before told me to sit near the back of the theater to avoid getting motion sickness. I call these people pansies with weak stomachs. I sat right in the middle and never missed a beat. Sure it was way frenetic and disorienting, even frustrating at times, but it was essential to the movie. Loved it.
  • I also noticed an interesting reaction to the ending between friends and family that had seen it. The “younger” generation (we’re talking twenty-somethings) hated the ending. Those my age (we’re talking older than twenty-somethings) really enjoyed it. I’m with the latter. The ending was perfect. Loved it.
  • Cloverfield

  • If Hollywood made more chick-flicks like this, I would see them all. Yes, I called it a chick-flick. That’s what it is. It just happened to be made by someone who grew up on Godzilla and Michael Bay movies. Loved it.

Sure, there are things you could nitpick about, but I’m not getting into those. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie on the opening day for Transformers and have been waiting for this since then. I never got sucked into the viral marketing, but I still needed to know what Cloverfield was!

Definitely worth the wait.


  1. I’m with you 100%. I adored the movie.

    The best reaction was from the two punks sitting in front of me.

    Punk 1:”What the hell was that? They didn’t explain anything!”

    Punk 2: “Go ask J. J. Abrams, man. I don’t know.”

    Me (in my head): “You morons! What do you need explained? You just witnessed the firsthand account of a monster attacking (and flattening) New York City. What more do you want?!”


  2. I thought it was great and honestly didn’t feel left out by not having followed any of the viral stuff from the beginning.

    I didn’t catch the, ahem, easter egg, at the very end of the film, but neither did any of the seven other people I went with.

  3. @Brock – Exactly! The ending was the only way it could have ended. And asking Abrams wouldn’t do those kids any good, anyway 🙂

    @Josh – I stuck around waiting for the easter egg and didn’t really catch it. I thought I did, but a quick visit to Wikipedia cleared up the *ahem* airwaves.

  4. CLOVERFIELD forever! CLOVERFIELD for President! 🙂

    Cant wait for CLOVERFIELD II 🙂


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