Comic Watch [Jump Start]

Jump Start

Haha! Watching TV and playing video games makes you fat! Especially if you’re a… dog.


  1. Wow. I hope they didn’t stay up too late thinking up that one.

  2. I’ve been gaining weight lately and my wife almost convinced me it was because of all the snacks I eat and beer I drink. Now I know that all I have to do is cut back on my tv and gaming and I will be in great shape. Thanks Jump Start!

  3. I re-read the comic and I may have missed the point. I think it is actually making fun of the modern idea that we get fat not because they eat too much but because of tv and gaming. In this case I agree with the writer and really do mean thanks Jump Start.

  4. @Bobster – glad we could help you work out your health issues. Just make sure you’re not eating any doggie treats.


  1. […] he blamed video games for his dog’s obesity. Now Crunchy is blaming his dog’s failing grades at obedience school on… video […]

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