Monday Madness?

I know I’m a little early, but I don’t have much time. I’ll be disconnected the next two days attending a conference.

Saving other items for next week, I present you with only one item for this post, The Force Unleashed. There is no doubt that I will get this game. The big question is for what system?

All of them?


  1. I’m thinking the Wii, for obvious reasons.

    I need a game that actually makes GOOD use of the controls for a change, and Force Unleashed has potential. No one is playing the Wii at my house these days. I almost have to remind them we have it. The system is too mired in novelty, falling prey to its own gimmick. I’m growing more disappointed with it by the day.

  2. Curious. We are playing the Wii nonstop at our house. Of course, it is all launch title games (Wii Sports and Excite Truck) and Wii Play.

    I’m surprised that these three titles have had this much staying power for over a year.

    Secretly, late at night, I play Geometry Wars: Galaxies, but I don’t use the Wiimote.

    UPDATE: Endless Ocean is a weekly family event as well. How could I forget that?

  3. My kids beg for Super Mario Galaxy. Our Wii is getting a lot of use. That’s sure to go up when Mario Kart hits.

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