Ikaruga Pleases Me

Quite possibly the greatest shooter of all time is being released tomorrow on Xbox Live for 800 points. I’m seriously considering taking my first ever personal day just for a video game. It is the only game I have played consistently for almost three years.

This game is not for the faint of heart. The person in the video above has played it a lot more than I have, a lot more.


  1. This would be your first ever gaming related personal day? I’m not sure if I should be proud or disgusting at how frequently I do that…

  2. Very nice. It’s shmup week at buttonmashing!

    I missed out on Ikaruga on the Gamecube. Looks like I really did miss out.

  3. Got it myself. I used to be able to S++ the first two levels and now I’m struggling to get an A šŸ™ My skills are lacking and watching that embeded video doesn’t help. Although, really, that guy’s mostly just showing off. There’s little benefit to what he does (except for a few parts which yield extra enemies for higher points).

  4. Yeah. I wondered if anyone here would see that. He’s doing something rare for an Ikaruga player: playing style over substance.

    I think it means he’s moved beyond the chains and points aspect of the game and has reached a near nirvana of playing.

    Some of his close moves are amazing. He really knows the hit boundaries of the ship. I’ve been trying them for a couple of months now and I still struggle. Once you learn a path that works for yourself it’s hard to unlearn.

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