August in Review

Time for a look back at another month here at ButtonMashing HQ.

We had a somewhat of a down month of posting with 22 posts and 66 comments. Traffic for the month was down a bit from from July, but that’s to be accounted for with the reduced posting frequency and end of the summer. As usual, most people are visiting with Firefox and Windows XP. The monster monitor award goes to the guy with the 800×5000 screen resolution. How is that even possible?

Top posts

The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in August (outside of the regulars):

5. 2-Minute Review-Bully Scholarship Edition
4. Funny Game Glitches
3. Pic Lens
2. Is Too Human Any Good?
1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers

Previously, on buttonmashing

A year ago, I was playing some Bioshock.
Two years ago, I was talking about The Ultimate DS Library. What an amazing little machine that DS is.
Three years ago I was busy on the warpath, defending games and trying to dispel myth of a correlation of Violence and Video Games. The fight continues…
Four years ago I was talking about games I own that are gathering dust. Four years later and we’re still dealing with this.

Strange, funny searches

Let’s laugh at the weird people on the internet:
video of a girl being tickled that is compatible with the psp” – You, sir, have requested something strange.

tea leaves and turnips” – Sounds like a wonderfully horrible breakfast.

penny arcade hates fatal1ty” – I was not aware of this. Do they?

leon and krauser have sex story” – Since I saw it and can’t unsee it, you have to see it, too.

Games being played

I’ve played so much lately that I should probably dedicate a separate post for that one. Stay tuned.

UCLA just upset Tennessee, so my work here is done. I should probably wrap this up and go play some games.


  1. I can answer the question for the second most popular post.


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