Fable II – Am I missing something?

A step in the way-back machine would prove that I was completely caught up in the Fable hype back in Xbox 1 days. I was head over heels. It was going to be the best game ever. Immediately after I read the TWELVE page preview at IGN, I excitedly told a fellow buttonmasher the he needed this game. My effulgent praise convinced to buy not one, but two copies of the game. (He ordered a copy online, then couldn’t wait for it to arrive and purchased the second later that day at a local store). I grabbed mine shortly thereafter and traveled to Disappointment City, population: me.

It stunk.

I promised myself I wouldn’t play the sequel, no matter how much praise it gets. But it’s happening: this time around, it might just be good. First, I recently read BAPenguin’s “10 Things You May or May Not Know About Fable II“. The first Fable was full of promises but, in my opinion, did not deliver. From these ten things, it looks ambitious once again. I’m not going to fall for it again!

Jake at 8Bit Joystick says it’s “better than the last two Zeldas.” I loved Wind Waker. That’s high praise. I still ain’t buying it.

Then, Don Reisinger calls it his “game of the year.” The hype machine is firing up again.

I haven’t checked any of the review sites, yet. I’m sure they’ll be giving it high marks. I’m looking forward to some more trusted blogs to give their thoughts and reviews. But it can’t be as good as they say, can it?

Naturally, this game now sits at the top of my Gamefly queue.


  1. See, I was with you on the Fable 1 hype train. Unlike you (and pretty much everyone else), I actually had a fun time with Fable 1, even though it didn’t live up to Molyneaux’s promises. I think that was the biggest disappointment, but once you got past that, it was a pretty fun game, albeit relatively short (for an RPG) and linear (for a game that promised to be as wide open as possible).

    From everything I’ve heard about Fable 2, it has not only lived up to the promises made about the original Fable, but surpassed them. A lot of people were going into Fable 2 this time with their eyes open and ready to get the knives out in case it flopped and the fact that it is getting absolutely rave reviews, both critically and from the people I’ve talked to who have played it, is very nice to see.

    I’m grabbing my copy this morning and hopefully can sink some time into it this afternoon while my daughter sleeps and my son is at school. I need a game like Fable 2 right now. I love Dead Space but I want to play something that isn’t a shooter and that isn’t yet another JRPG, (a genre that I’m on the verge of overdosing from if I don’t get help)!

  2. I’ve got Fallout 3 on pre-order. I thought about this a long time and while I did like the first game I also thought it fell short in some key areas. It’s not worth the full $60 to me, I’ll wait until it gets to a more reasonable price.

    What does Fallout 3 have to do with that? I have a strict “Though shalt not play more than one RPG at a time” rule (Justifying Pirates! by classifying it as a strategy game) and if I had to choose I’d rather get something with more than swords and elves in it.

  3. I think it’s wise that you are not buying it but adding it to your rental queue.

    I, too, was burned out by the hype. Everything seemed a little…I really don’t know.

    I did all the snarky things you could do, but I didn’t want to do them over and over.

    Kicking chickens was fun, but only so much. Now, bapenguin’s writeup is pretty incredible—if it follows through on that. However, I also know that bap was a huge fan of the original.


    It’s in my queue on Gamefly as well. Who knows? The co-op intrigues me, but my Live subscription is running out. So for me to play this game with friends it’s around $100. Count. Me. Out.

  4. I played the first fable LONG after it came out and it was pretty enjoyable. I never finished it but I thought it was pretty linear in the way you progressed through the main story, but even with all the side quests it didn’t feel wide open.

    This time around it seems like it might be that much better. Co-op definitely sounds like it would be awesome, 4 player co-op would be even better.

    You guys who get a chance to play it will have to let the rest of us know how it plays.

  5. Hitch over because I’m in the same boat as you are.

    I’m waiting and seeing. I’ve got plenty of other things to play in the meantime.

  6. Hey! I heard there is a new game out that actually brings world peace and an end to poverty and cancer, but I can’t remember what it’s called…

    Oh, wait! Fable II.

    You’re going to buy it and play it. I’m the same way.

  7. If I was reading your blog way back then, I definitely would’ve argued with you over your feelings toward Fable. The majority of that post discussed what PM “promised” and how you were disappointed that he under-delivered. I have gotten into a number of Fable arguments over the years, and in each one my opponent centered on the game not living up to the hype.

    I’m not going to argue here though. I think your plan to not read previews is a good one. Do you know what you would have had if you didn’t buy into the hype machine around Fable? You would’ve had a fun time. It is a well-done game with an interesting story and mechanics that were similar to the 3D Zelda titles. Instead of seeing that, what you did have, you could only see what you didn’t have.

  8. @All – re: the hype – I was expecting an open world game where I could go and do anything. This hope was immediately dashed when I tried to go off the “path” and was met with invisible walls all-around. I immediately became jaded and Fable became sour. I stuck with it for a while, as kicking chickens and farting is fun for a while, but I couldn’t make it all the way through.

    @Jason O – since I’m getting this one from GF, I’m hoping it shows up before F3, because I’ll be shelving it for Fallout. I agree with the “one RPG at a time.” I need to finish TWEWY soon.

    @Alex – I really think I can be strong. I’ll play it but no promises buying it.

    @Will – I really went into the game with the wrong “attitude.” Hype is a dangerous thing.

  9. One of your Button Mashing friends bought two copies of FABLE? What a total moron. He just couldn’t wait one day for the one he ordered on-line to show up? He now has one copy that he never even opened. He keeps both copies on a shelf in the darkest part of his basement as far from his other games as possible so as to avoid contact sucking.

    P.S. I’m a lot smarter now!

  10. @All – I am weak. Don’t listen to what I say.


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