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I’m so unbelievably weak.

Fallout 3 CE

If the store had only had the normal version of the game, I could have easily resisted. But of all of the collector’s editions this fall, this is probably the most substantial. And for what you get, the cost difference was worth it in my mind.

To make penance for my lack of willpower, I am going to leave it sealed and wrap it up in gaudy paper and leave it under my Christmas tree until December 25.


  1. This is quite possibly my game of the year (Still evaluating, it’s got tough competition) and you’re going to let it sit for almost two months!

    Madness! Madness! Do thine penance at the gym or something.

    Oh yeah, the lunchbox is cool and I WILL be bringing it to work.

  2. I have to tell you that I’m very, very tempted to crack the seal on this puppy. On the one hand, wrapping it up and leaving it until Dec. 25 would be a true test of self-control…

    But between the various headaches I’m having at home and work, I just want to blow stuff up… esp. after hearing people talking about it all week.

    I need to at least wait until I’ve finished Dead Space and/or Fable 2. I should rent the game and take it for a spin so I get it out of my system.

  3. Rent a game that you already own. Interesting.

  4. It’s the principle of the thing.

    I bought it on impulse and if I rent it, I can just try the game for a bit without technically opening the copy I own. That way I can leave it sealed for a month or two and feel smug and satisfied 🙂

  5. Another “This is why the game is so great” moment.

    I never got into the drugs in Fallout or Fallout 2. The chances of addiction put me off so I mostly made do with stimpacks.

    I kind of wandered away from the beaten path and ended up in a combat with three Raiders who were MUCH tougher than the ones I ran into early on. They promptly handed my ass to me and I was bloodied and beaten hiding behind a rock at 25% health.

    I gotta tell you, it is simply not in my nature to run from a fight. I have difficulty with it in real life and I find that videogames make it even harder since you are typically supposed to be the hero. I did something I considered a bit unheroic though. I used Buffout to get my health back up and increase strength, Med-X for damage resistance, Jet-X for speed, and Psycho to increase my damage. Whipped out my sawed off shotgun (not a euphemism) and proceeded to completely turn the tables on attackers. Buffed to the max like that it was almost scary how I ripped through the same guys who had my hiding like a wimp just moments before.

    The buffout wore off when I was exploring later. The after-effects were bad. I moved like I was overencumbered and even turning was slow. This lasted a long time and was unsettling. I decided I better not do that again.

  6. Hahaha thats great 😛 Yeah Fallout 2 had some side effects even after using it one time 😛

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