What a game trailer should be.


That’s what I thought to myself after I saw this thing.

Wow. That was a really great trailer. It made me think of Braveheart and The Lord of The Rings movies all at once. Game wise it resembles Viking: Battle for Asgard which is a good game, but the trailer makes this look way better. I would hope that more and more game trailers can be of the same caliber as a movie trailer. Some are already and have been for a while, take any of the clips from any of the Blizzard games. That huge monster at the end gave me goosebumps! It will be interesting to see how the the game actually plays.

I bought the first game of the series that came out on the 360, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

And the graphics were sweet and the gameplay was sufficient for a 20$ bargain bin game. I just hope that they take the gameplay to a new level and improve on what they had. That would make this game one of the great ones.

(as a side note for those of you who have played KUF before: I wonder if the corn rows haired guy is Kendal’s son or something? If anyone who has KUF wants to tear up some monsters on LIVE let me know.)


  1. I played the first Kingdom Under Fire on the Xbox ages ago. It was good but needed work. If I recall correctly, KUF:CoD was more of an action RPG take on it as opposed to the giant army/Dynasty Warriors-style of the original games.

    I am intrigued. If they can pull this off and keep the production values as high as the trailer, I’ll definately try it out.

  2. I enjoyed the first KUF. Found it rather hard.

    This trailer didn’t really wig me out, but it made me raise an eyebrow.

    It’s on the radar.

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