The Force Unleashed: Elated Frustration

I’ve shared my initial thoughts about the game in the past, but recently I’ve forced myself through the pain (“I need my pain!”–sorry wrong sci-fi franchise reference) and have started to finish it.

I just completed the star destroyer level.

I want to go on record and say that it is the most wasted potential of an epic moment in a video game of all time. To put it into a frame of mind, most fans had never even thought of the idea of pulling down a star destroyer using the force. LucasArts really had something there. It really got people hyped up and was a major selling point of the game.

How could they even package it and call it entertaining? Who signed off on it? It is a huge trial and error task of frustration.

The reason being that the quicktime events do not match the actions on screen. They’re just slightly off. TIP: Ignore the buttons on the bottom of the screen for the most part and just make the star destroyer look directly at you. When the light turns green, pull that sucker down.

The developers at LucasArts must have known that they had the most sucktacular epic fail of a level on their hands so they ramped up the cinematic that follows it.

Those last five minutes were better than the new trilogy movies combined.

The dialogue, plot twists, use of Star Wars cliches (and not being cheesy), camera angles, and voice acting make it one of the best contemporary video game cinematics I’ve ever witnessed.

Forget Clone Wars on Cartoon Network (they might be killing off Jar Jar tomorrow night!), Lucas should have focused on animating this story. I think it’s the best self-contained story in the Star Wars Universe behind The Empire Strikes Back.


  1. I would have loved to have been able to pick up a movie that was based on the cinematics in this game. Too bad the game itself sucked so hard.

    How can they kill off Jar Jar in The Clone Wars series though? It takes place between Eps. 2 & 3 and I’m pretty sure he’s still around in Ep. 3…

  2. Han shot first?

  3. There’s ‘Han Shot First’ and then there is completely violating the space-time continuum.

    That said, it would probably make more sense than half of the choices Lucas made with the prequels…

  4. I have only read the book for SW:TFU which was awesome and I’d suggest it to anyone who wants the story without everything else.

    I was actually planning on getting this game when it came out but held off and everyone who got pretty much complained about it. (Except one person who told me everything was better than the demo in the full version.) I think the game will end up being a bargain bin selection sometime in the future for me.

  5. That “last five minutes” comment was rather high praise. Seems like it alone would make checking this out worth it. The news about Jar Jar, is troubling, though. I know he’s a pain to most old-school fans, but what I understand, he’s a kid favorite. Seems strange to kill him off. Seems like that’s another misstep in a long line of missteps.

  6. Don’t worry. Jar Jar survived. And you’re completely right about kids loving him. My son thinks he’s second banana after Anakin (who he always thinks is going to turn into Darth Vader at any moment).

    And you HAVE seen the prequels, right? As long as Lucas doesn’t actually write whatever Star Wars story is being told, it has a pretty good chance of being better than the entirety of the prequel movies.


  1. […] VERDICT: Rent. This rating was really hard for me especially if you’ve read my previous frustrations. Rent it for the story alone. Otherwise watch the cut scenes on YouTube or read the book. If it […]

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