Trophies Mandatory? About Dang Time

Was doing my daily browsing of kotaku and found out that Sony is making trophies mandatory for PS3 games come January.


I know of many people who choose 360 games over their PS3 counterparts just for achievements alone. I’ve had more fun with my PS3 in the last two months than any other system. Competition is good. I want to see it survive.


  1. I’m with you on this one. I wish they’d instituted this when Trophies first were announced. I understand it made more work for the devs but they could have given them a little lead time before things were announced and then gone from there.

    I’m not addicted to trophies the same way I am to achievements, but it is nice to have that little marker when you do something or that gives you an incentive to try something you might not have otherwise attempted. I still loathe the ones that basically reward you for spending 3000 hours playing Game X and being a shut-in, but the ones that encourage gameplay outside of what you might normally try are nice.

  2. Like kicking chickens in Fable II? That has got to be one of my favorites.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    I really liked the first Mercenaries game, so I got the second. EA fails though, and for some reason, multiplayer doesn’t work for me (see: and no one can figure it out. I’ve my ISP tech support guys talking to both Sony and EA tech support guys, and they can’t figure it out either. One fix Sony had me try was to format my HDD, which I did, after first backing it up to my USB drive. Well it still didn’t work after the format, and the restoration of my backup failed, corrupting itself, leaving me with a fresh format, and no way to get my stuff back.

    No matter how many times I format the HDD again, it still wont let me earn trophies. So I had to send in my PS3 to Sony, who ended up sending me a new one.

    But somehow, all the trophies I’d previously earned, got wiped from my PSN account.

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