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Say, the next time you want to try to win your daughter back, just get her a pony. The apocalypse just doesn’t cut it. – the Prince.

I deem Prince of Persia to be good. Above my expectations even–and they were high.


  1. I hate you. I’d completely pushed this game off of my radar and had dutifully avoided pretty much any discussion or screenshots or movies about it. I knew I liked the look of the game but I was just going to wait until the spring.

    But nope. Your incessant yipping and yammering about PoP was sitting there in the back of my mind and while I was out tonight, bammo. There I am at the local EB, fondling the LIMITED EDITION PRE-ORDER VERSION of Prince Of Persia. Sigh.

    I have to say that this is one game I’m glad I avoided coverage of as I’m going into it essentially blind. It looks gorgeous, the banter is fantastic and it is a welcome change to the “let’s frustrate the player at every turn” design philosophy that has snuck into far too many of the games played this fall.

    And I was just starting to get into The Last Remnant too…

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    What’s this? I’m sorry, too busy installing my new copy of Guild Wars and the Eye of the North Expansion… >:D

  3. @flamingsquirrel – I hope you are not in school, married, have kids, have friends, don’t sleep, and don’t pee.

    I know this from Guild Wars experience–2,500 hours of experience.

  4. @flamingsquirrel – You’ll have to fill us in on how Guild Wars:EoTN is. I’m interested to see how much they’ve added or changed.

  5. flamingsquirrel says

    Well, right now I’ve only got around 18 hours into the game (waiting for my friend to finally get out of the pre-searing area) and I’m not really sure how to tell EoTN content from your plain vanilla GW content. It’s not another campaign like Nightfall or Factions.

  6. Here is my ranking:

    Main Game (good balance of PvE and PvP)
    Eye of the North (good PvE)
    Nightfall (good PvE)
    Factions (bad PvE, good PvP)

    I prefer to play PvE and the heroes additions were a nice touch–after I was done playing the game. You can essentially do all the PvE stuff alone now except for 3-4 missions, but I’ve heard they’ve been done.

    I was all about soloing for a while but anet just kept nerfing it so why bother.

  7. Oh, so it’s not a different story/background to the GW world? Do you know what they did add?

  8. Oh, it is different.

    Let me give you a hint who it’s about:

    Guild Wars: Eye of the North

    Realize that it is a true expansion to the original Guild Wars. You spend a lot of time in the Charr homelands. (Man, how do I remember some of this).

    The expansion is kind of a lead-in to Guild Wars 2. Some of the things you get or do will transfer over.

  9. Wow, that is awesome, LOL G…W…E…N…very nice placement.

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