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It’s that time, when someone’s Christmas comes early, thanks to Split Reason and the contest they sponsored here at Buttonmashing dot com.

I’ve taken all the comments from the past month or so, put all the names in a hat (a Google Spreadsheet, if you will) and randomly drew out three names ( The numbers that corresponded to each row in the spreadsheet was chosen as a winner. The numbers chosen were:

As you can see, there are four numbers, but only three winners. I wanted to choose an alternate, in case one of the winners was unable to claim their prize. We’ll keep the identity of that person secret for the time being.

The winners have been contacted already but here, for posterity, are the winners: Jason O, Woolfman, and Jeffool. Congrats, Gents!

This has been a fun little contest to run. Looking back on it, there are some things I would do differently, but for a first time, I’d like to think this went off rather well.

Once again, huge thanks to Split Reason for their sponsoring this contest. Even if you weren’t a lucky winner, you’re still more than welcome to head over to their site and pick out some gifts for all the gamers on your Holiday List!

(For those of you interested in my methods, you’re welcome to look at the Google Spreadsheet I used or’s information on how they generate random numbers. If you weren’t selected in this contest, good luck in the next one!)


  1. WOW!!! I won 😀 Such sweetness. Thanks a bunch to Split Reason and Buttonmashing!

  2. Congratulations everyone who won.

    = ( I’m going to go sulk now.

  3. And now my long streak of never winning anything is finally over!

    Not sure how I’m represented by a 73. I’ve also thought of myself as more of a 48. A 265 in a pinch.

  4. Congrats everyone! I’ll take Jeffool’s shirt 🙂

  5. @Jason – I still haven’t got your selection. Have you sent it to me yet and I just missed it?

    @Brock – Sorry, man, it’s spoken for!

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