In my hands

The Gamefly fairy came by the house recently, dropping off a couple new games:


Hasbro Family Game Night

I probably won’t get to Left 4 Dead until this weekend, but I’d love to meet up if anyone has it for the 360!


  1. I’ve got L4D on the 360. Assuming you can pry me away from Persona 4 for a little bit, I might be up for a game or 2. I still haven’t gone through the final ‘movie’.

  2. @Brock – I want to give it a go for a bit by myself, but I definitely want some co-op time, too. Let me know when you’re pried away from Persona 4.

  3. How was Family Game Night? Was it a good game to play with the kiddos? We already have a lot of those actual games so I’m not sure it’s worthy of a purchase.

  4. @bs angel – Game Night isn’t bad. I’ve been meaning to write my impressions, but my kids have enjoyed playing Sorry and Battleship. It beats setting up the games and having to clean them up.

    But honestly? Probably not worth a purchase.

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