Party in Paradise

The new Burnout Paradise Party Pack is out for both 360 and PS3 for $10. I think even if it sucks, I’m getting it on principle alone because of the awesome support this game has received. Of course, I imagine that every DLC Criterion has from now own will be priced, but, bah, time will tell.

Now, do I get it for 360, PS3, or both?


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    I just got it on PC 😀

    Well, not the DLC, the game itself, and it’s pretty awesome!

  2. I just snagged the entire PS3 bundle. It’s nice to load it off the drive instead of hunting down my disc for the 360.

    I haven’t touched the game in a while but I think I’ll be playing with it for a while…

  3. Even though I’m farther along in the 360 version, I may actually get it for the PS3.

    It was a little over a year ago that we did all those crazy stunts and stuff. Are we going to do it again?

    That will be really weird.

    …but now like a party.

  4. The 1UP guys say the PS3 is the way to go. Lack of options means I’ll be grabbing it for the 360.

    Time to go back to Paradise City! It’s been a while.

  5. @Tony – Did they give any indication as to why for the PS3 version?

    • @Nat – I don’t recall exactly what the reason was, but I seem to remember that they were talking with someone associated with the developers of the game.

      Hopefully they would know!

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