Weekend Gaming

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. We’ve got a beautiful weekend facing us. What are you going to be playing?

Me, I’ll be getting more time with the GTA IV expansion, The Lost and Damned. Right now, I’m not sold on it. More on that later. I finally got to play some Left 4 Dead with real people (peterb and psu from Tea Leaves) and it was awesome I need to get more of that good stuff. I also finally updated Burnout Paradise and now I want to play it non-stop. A lot of good gaming.

I’m also considering picking up a new DS game, namely the new Fire Emblem game. I may hold off on that one.

And of course Nat has been bombarding us with these Flash games and I’ve found a couple other PC games I’ve been toying around with. Should be a great weekend.


  1. Well!

    I think I’ll be playing some Runes of Magic. It’s the poor man’s WoW. It’s pretty fun for being a free MMO.

    Also on the PC I want to get some more playing time in Left 4 Dead (haven’t been able to get the time to play as much as I’d like too). After getting my new video card I really want to play some more Unreal 3. It is amazing how much better games are in general when everything runs smoothly and looks nice at the same time.

    I also want to get some more play time with Ninja Gaiden 2. Don’t let any reviews of the game fool you, or the demo. I wasn’t too excited after the demo but it’s much better in the retail version.

    Enough of me, what about everybody else?

  2. I never really cared for Ninja Gaiden 2. It just felt dated… Granted, I felt the same way as DMC4…

    Anyway, I’m going to be playing a lot of DS/PSP games this weekend. I’ve got Retro Game Challenge and Theresia on the DS and LocoRoco 2 and Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? on the PSP. I’m also working on Fallout 3 on the 360 and Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3.

    Oh, and I’ll be fiddling with Noby Noby Boy, Flower and Savage Moon this weekend too.

  3. Three words:

    Big Bang Mini

    Everything else pales in comparison as far as fun is concerned.

    • $20!
    • catchy music
    • trippy visuals
    • wonderful controls
    • innovative-meshed gameplay
    • obscure, but shouldn’t be

    I’ve been recommending the tar out of it, and so far, no one has bitten. I fear the day they might. Even working on a video 2MR for it.

    I’ve been surprised because this year, I’ve not spent over $30 for a game and each one of the four I’ve purchased have been satisfying.

    Retro Game Challenge? Yeah, sign me up for that, but I’ll have to wait.

  4. @ Brock: Your right. It has the same basic feel as the previous iterations and the same engine used on the xbox should be upgraded. I feel it is a smooth engine though. While I was thinking about what you said, I couldn’t help feeling that most of the games that have sequels are pretty much the same game with new “improvements” or gimmicks.

    @ Nat: The trailer on the Big Bang Mini website looks like it would be fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ehergeiz: It’s not that I felt there was something lacking from the game. It just didn’t feel right to me, not in the way that the original Xbox version did lo those many years ago. It might have also been that I just wasn’t in the mood for it and if I came back to it now I might enjoy it more. Who knows?

    Nat: Confound you, young man. I really want to play some Big Bang Mini after hearing you rave about it but alas… It’s not for sale anywhere around here. That said, Retro Game Challenge is awesome. It’s like they dipped into the nostalgia reservoirs of my brain and smeared the stuff they found all over a game cartridge 🙂

  6. Brock: Ah! I got what you were saying now. I felt the same way about DMC4 and Ninja Gaiden 2’s demo actually. I also understand what you mean by, “It just didnt feel right to me, not in the way that the original Xbox version did lo those many years ago.” I feel like a bunch of those kind of games are being made. I love that they are taking some older games and re-making them. BUT, I don’t think that should take precedence over new ip’s. Stuff like…Assassin’s Creed comes to mind, those are just as important as the remakes I feel.

  7. It’s kind of like the way I feel about RE5 right now. I don’t doubt that it is, at its heart, a good game. It is just that the way we tend to play games like RE5 (which is now essentially an action game with some zombies) has us expecting controls that don’t feel like they are carried over from the PS1.

    DMC4 and NG2 both had similar things about the way they worked, be it from the controls to the fixed camera angles, that I just expected more from. They’re both competent and if you want to play something like that and can get into it, fine… Heck, I’ll deal with controls like that when I fire up an old PS2 game. I shouldn’t have to deal with controls that are worse than some PS2 games I’ve been playing with when I fire up a 360/PS3 action game!

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