Let’s not start this again

First, the DS was endangering our children, making them easy prey for all the bad guys out there. Hopefully that misconception was either ignored or corrected.

Now, it’s the Wii that is going to let the bad guys destroy our children’s innocence. This, once again, is fear mongering at its worse:

Using the game you create a character and create your own town and house. When hooked up to the internet you can talk to anyone across the country.


“There is no reason an adult should have this game,” says Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.


Anderson says adults playing “animal crossing” and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.


Three strikes! Yer outta here!


  1. I’d argue that adults shouldn’t play the Wii version of Animal Crossing because it’s pretty much the EXACT SAME GAME AS WILD WORLD!

    Minus the portability.

    That, and adults should be paying off their own mortgages, not Tom Nook’s…

  2. “Anderson says adults playing “animal crossing” and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.”

    Wow. Presumptuous much?

    That is not unlike me saying “People only drink to get drunk.”

  3. RE: Brock, Boo~ I am an adult and I don’t have a mortgage so great generalisation there >.< almost as bad as the article.

    How can I be judged for playing AC:WW just because I am an adult who loves to play games on DS?!

  4. Oh, come on. You have to know I was kidding 🙂

    About the mortgages at least. I can’t see why anyone who has put in the time on the DS version would bother playing the Wii version of Animal Crossing since it is almost literally the exact same game.

    Don’t for a minute think that I think that any of the things mentioned in that article contain any merit. Just the technical hassles of friend codes alone obviate most of the concerns that parents might have, not to mention the fact that ADULTS PLAY GAMES TOO!

  5. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve noticed this getting picked up by the “big blogs” three days after I posted it 🙂

  6. Yeah. I started seeing this posted on some other sites a few days after you did and it made me chuckle.

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