Punch-Out!! Wiimake Oozes Nostalgia

Judging from the trailer, this is how you remake a game. Nintendo states that not only will the game have waggle control, but the classic NES control as well. I can see that happening here in the video.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is in my top three favorite games for the NES. I’m excited about this. RSS readers may have to jump to the site to view the video.


  1. I ADORE Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and quite liked playing it again when it hit the VC (albeit without Mr. Chompy Chomp).

    I’m not 100% sold on the Wii version but I’ll definately play it.

  2. So it looks like Fat Albert got a job as a boxing trainer. Good for him.

    I like to think of these “retro” remakes as a way of introducing a new generation to our classics. My kids love Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy but never played Super Mario Bros. They get to experience the joy from a different angle we did.

  3. It might be my age, but I had more fun with Mario back in 1986 than I did in 2007 (yeah, it’s been that long since Galaxy)

  4. Dark Reyule says

    Disco Kid?

    Why not Legs Contraknokis?

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