X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game is Better

While it seems as if teenagers are going gaga over the new movie (comic fans and adults—the ones I know—not so much), it appears that Activision has a little bit of an underground hit in their hands with the game—a slick website by the way.

In short, it is awesome.

x-men-origins-wolverine-danger-room-pre-order-bonus-screenshot-bigWe’re talking about over-the-top slicing and dicing. Picture what the movies and the comics have really never done and amp it up to 11. I have been enthralled with it all day. While it may not be a perfect game, it is pure fun.

I think I could lunge for hours.


  1. I came THIS close to picking this up with some store credit today. I might… MIGHT… pick it up later, though I really feel like I should rent it first.

  2. The demo was awesome, but I’m worried about spending $60 on a game I’ll play through one time.

    The ad campaign is great to. “The following is an ad for a movie based game that doesn’t suck”

    Ironically, it’s for Wolverine, but still…

  3. For me, a single playthrough is a good 8-10 hours. Yes, there are some things to unlock and playthrough the game again with.

    It almost reminds me of The Force Unleashed–although fun instead of frustrating. I guess there’s a lot of God of War copy-catting, but I’ve never played those.

    Also, there are a ton of little homages to comics, movies, and games. It brings some smirks to my face, and then I lunge.

  4. Saw the movie last weekend with Ehergeiz. It didn’t dazzle me the way I had hoped. I’ll have to download this demo and see if it can redeem the so-so movie.


    You totally redeemed yourself!!!

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