A Demigod’s Diversity

Some time has passed since I did my 2 Minute Review of Demigod, that Iíd figured Iíd revisit it again. Iíve caught myself passing over such games as a FREE trial of World of Warcraft and even my old standby Dawn of War II in order to play another quick (sometimes involved) round of this game.

While it is true that at almost a month into the gameís release Stardock and Gas Powered Games are still experiencing some multiplayer issuesósomething we mentioned in the review. It seems as if they are now re-working or even re-writing the net code to do something differently than what was planned originally.

Itís really surprising that this little fiasco has gotten this far. This is not typical of Stardock to have rushed something out the door broken. The piracy issues did not help initially either. However, what has been typical is their transparency and work to get it right.

As a result, most gamers have had to contend with the single-player-story-lacking-and-no-campaign game. Itís tournament after tournament that is almost reminiscent of the Unreal series. Even the ďgod-likeĒ announcers sound the same. Has it become tedious and old playing the AI over and over?

Nope. Itís a blast. Why? Itís shallow, but complex.

It's Hammer Time!

Whatís most interesting about the game is the versatility of each of the eight demigods. Even though there are some RPG elements, you start from a clean slate in each round. This helps you vary your play style for each type of map. It also feeds that wonderful addiction of grinding and leveling up. You do it every single round.

For instance, if you need to capture flags and hold them for a period of time and you are playing the rook (See the Hammer Time! image above.), you can tailor his skill set to match. Simply favor the skills for defense and building demolition. Later on, you may be in a map where the first team to ten demigod kills wins. For this, you would want to favor the damage skills and equip the rook with some armor and fast shoes (heís dreadfully slow early on).

However, the depth of the character just in the ďkill ten demigodsĒ map can go deeper. Youíre playing on a team. Some of the other demigods have better ďvs. demigodĒ skills and damage. If so, then customize the rook to defend or lure. Actually, there are times I just create havoc on the map in a location where thereís no action. I leave it up to the AI-controlled demigods on my team to work on the objective. This works because there are instances where the enemy team will go after me thinking Iím easy prey and leave it wide open for us to win.

Itís a neat little trick that the developers did with the AI to make it seem like youíre playing with people. (Of course, the comparison is hard right now in light of the multiplayer issues.) As I play this, the possibilities for complex, strategic team play really excite me. Another thing I do first when a round starts is go to the item store and equip up. I was surprised when I caught the AI players on my team doing the same thing. And here I was thinking I was being smart.

With there being eight characters, I had initially thought it would have been hard for the developers to balance the game. Iíve not really found this to be the case. The exponential depth and the fact that you are on random teams each round make it even or at least appear to be. With that, itís not wise to be locked into a particular style or setup with each demigod.

Demigod Victory Screen

There are some achievement items that you can earn that carry with your profile for the entire game. However, you can only use one per round. These are uber-powerful items that can tip the scale even more for your demigod or the team. Iíve not really given them a chance yet. Iíve had too much fun playing each demigod and learning various builds of their skills.

Demigod has been a real surprise once I got past the learning curve. I mentioned in our review that the lack of tutorial would be a detriment. Now, Iím not so sure. Learning under pressure and by playing mostly single-player games has helped immensely.

Maybe the online connection issues are not so bad after all.



  1. Well, I definately want to play this but it’ll be a while before I can properly play it. My system is chuggy when I try Plants Vs. Zombies.

    It’s a shame that the online aspect is still so borked. That said, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. Are the maps random? With all these different game types it looks like this game could have limitless replay value if they ever figure out the multiplayer issues.

  3. In the tournament, the maps are random. Some work better for your demigod type. Some don’t. It’s another diversity.

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