Week(end) of Gaming

I was on a long, two-week business trip that pretty much took me out of the gaming game. But the upside of the long business trip was that I get a week of free time afterward. So I’ve had a chance this week to get in a little gaming.

But now that the weekend is here, I hope to get in a little more. I’ve got the games I just mentioned to play, plus some Fallout 3 and some GTA mixed in there for good measure. Oh, and there looks to be some really good weather, so I’ll be spending some time outdoors as well.

What’s on your plate for this weekend of gaming?


  1. I just finished a 2 hour session of the 1 vs. 100 beta on Xbox Live. Totally awesome fun time happy show. And I mean that seriously. For a trivia nerd like me, it’s incredibly addictive.

    When it comes to ‘real’ gaming, I’m going to hopefully finish off Wanted tomorrow night after work. Shortest game EVER… but incredibly fun and sastisfying while it lasts. Other than that, Xenosaga 2 and maybe some Patapon/Patapon 2 or Jeanne D’Arc if I take the PSP to work.

    • Demigod
    • Demigod
    • Demigod
    • Demigod
    • Wolverine
    • MLB 09 Road to the Show
    • Demigod
    • BattleForge
    • Demigod
    • Demigod

    and more…

    • Demigod
  2. Just curious, but how did you like Wolverine? Im on the fence as to whether even bothering to try it or not with Bionic Commando just around the corner (Ive been looking forward to that game for a year now). Since theyre both made by GRIN (primarily), Id love to know how it turned out. Heard it was a little rushed, but fun nevertheless.

    BTW, do you play Demigod on a PC or Mac?

  3. @Mark – I love the game. I actually find it as a source of stress relief. It’s a blast to play, and I’ve found it to be a lot longer than what most critics are saying.

    A lot of people have told me that they don’t think it’s worth $60, but most of them have not played it. It’s my surprise game of the year so far.

    I’ve also had people tell me it’s a God of War rip off but it’s heavy in comic and movie references. I’ve never played any of the GoW games so I may be a little jaded. Of the friends I have who have played it they all loved it.

    Demigod is a Windows only game as well.

  4. @Brock – I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about 1 vs 100, and you’ve solidified it. I’m going to give it a try when I get a chance. I do love me some trivia.

    @Nat – How was the weekend of Demigod?

  5. @Tony – godly.

  6. Tony: 1 Vs. 100 is very fun. My only complaint is that it only runs at set times of the day, usually 10pm, which can be a little late if I want to get the missus to try it out.

    That said, since the beta is Canada only, there are a LOT of Canadiana questions… I think they’re there to weed out the Americans who finagle a Canadian account 🙂

    Any word on when it’ll rear its ugly head down your way?

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