Ads coming to the 360 Dashboard?

It seems like we might be getting ads in the near future on the 360 dashboard. (Donít we already? When it boots up online?) Well, I wonít. Iím selling my Xbox, instruments, and library of 30+ games. Itís unrelated, but makes it easier.


  1. Yeah, I thought that 3/4 of the interface on the dashboard was essentially ads anyway. Sheesh.

    I don’t know what I’ll do if/when you finally rid yourself of the 360. I’ve gotten so used to your little Agentgray avatar sitting there at the top of my friend list, sleeping away.

  2. Before the “NXE”, the dashboard always had ads, but they weren’t “clickable”, they were just there. Annoying, but ultimately ignored. Hopefully this will be equally unobtrusive.

    Sorry to hear your 360-time is coming to a close.

    We’ll have to play a little Sacred 2 before you give up the 360 Ghost.

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