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PodcastingI never meant to wait this long to update my podcast playlist, but my how the time has flown.

For reference, this was what my podcast playlist looked like a couple years ago. A lot can happen in that time. Three of those shows are no more, a few are a shell of their former selves and the rest are going strong. But now it’s time to reorder my top 5. For a while, I was listening to a lot of different podcasts. Way too many. So I decided to whittle my playlist down to a select few. These are the ones that have made the cut.

I recently got a new iPod Nanothat plays video, so in addition to the new podcasts I’ve picked up to replace the old ones, I also started watching a few video podcasts. I won’t include those in the list, but I’m really liking Area 5‘s video-cast, CO-OP.

Also, allow me a second to prove how well rounded I am. I don’t just listen to gaming podcasts. Here are a few non-gaming podcasts I really enjoy (links take you to the iTunes page where available): The BS Report (Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy from ESPN, talks about sports, pop culture and a little of everything else. I’m not embarrassed to admit I like Simmons), Wizards of the Coast D&D podcast (I started listening to this to hear the Penny Arcade/PvP guys play D&D, which is strangely compelling), This Week in Tech, and You Look Nice Today (I don’t know how to describe this one. Listen to a couple episodes and you’ll know immediately if it’s for you or not).

So on to the new list.
Honorable Mention: VirginWorlds (iTunes Link) – I don’t play as many MMOs any more, but when I need a fix, I listen to a little VirginWorlds. Extra Life Radio (iTunes Link) – More of a geek podcast than a gaming podcast, but a fun listen nonetheless.

5. CAGCast/CAG Foreplay (CAG Cast iTunes Link, CAG Foreplay iTunes Link) – The CAG Cast was my #1 podcast the first time I made this list, but they faltered a bit and went through a period when they seemed tired of podcasting and generally disinterested. Luckily, they worked through it and seemed to have regained their enthusiasm, but I find that I listen to their show later than the other ones. I’m also including CAG Foreplay, another CAG podcast that is equally enjoyable.

4. Major Nelson (iTunes Link) – Not much more to add to what I said a couple years ago. Major Nelson is a podcasting machine. Still can’t get much closer to the source than Major Nelson.

3. Gamers with Jobs Conference Call (iTunes Link) – I’ve been going to their site for a while for their excellent writing, but when these guys get together in front microphones, good things happen. One of the things I really like about the GWJCC is when they talk about an esoteric game you’ve never heard and they discuss it with such passion that you can’t help yourself but give it a try.

2. Listen Up! (iTunes Link) – The artists formerly known as 1UP Yours, Listen UP is still going strong.

1. Giant Bombcast (iTunes Link) – My new #1 show, the Giant Bombcast is great. These guys are a riot to listen to and their gaming knowledge goes deep. I could go on and on about how funny these guys are, but you can listen to this (I LOL everytime) to get a taste (this was part of one of their E3 podcasts, talking about Nintendo’s Press Conference). This podcast is the real deal.

So that’s what I’m listening to. Do any of you guys listen to these? Am I missing any gems I haven’t listed here?


  1. I watch/listen to Totally Rad Show and that is it.

    No longer having a commute, I no longer have the time.

  2. Oh, the other thing that has killed podcasting to me is the ego-stroking LONG ‘casts.

    I mean, c’mon. I cannot spend time listening to 1.5 to 3 hour shows—weekly. Having been a podcaster I know that it’s a lot longer time in setup, recording, and editing (ha there mostly!). That’s a lot of time on a long, drawn out show.

    Make me want to come back for more, not dread having to listen to mindless drivel before getting to the good stuff.

  3. I listen to Major Nelson and Listen Up! and This Week in Tech, but not as much as I used to.

  4. Some podcasts are well suited to the long format. I really like when video podcasts with high production values go for a long time.

  5. @Nat – I’ve been meaning to check out the TRS. That’s video, right? I don’t have a huge commute, but when I’m on travel I have a lot of windshield time so I have some hours to fill while I’m driving.

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