Wii MotionPlus is A…Plus

On a whim last week, we purchased Wii Sports Resort and an extra Wii MotionPlus controller. Due to some family commitments, we didnít crack it open until this last Tuesday.

Our Wii has not been off since.

I donít know how Nintendo did it, but they have definitely improved on the control scheme of the device. Almost every game in the title is excellent and fun to play. Two of the biggest hits have been the airplane and sword fighting games.

LucasArts, Nintendo beat you. They beat you bad. Itís a shame, because you have the property for it. At any rate, it made me look forward to this game:

redsteel2 I didnít play the first, but apparently it deals with guns and swords. If Ubisoft can translate the controls well, itíll be a blast. The cell-shaded style is a plus in my book. Look for Red Steel 2 in 2010 I believe.


  1. I picked up Wii Sports Resort and the extra Wii Motion Plus add-on this afternoon and it has been a godsend on this rainy afternoon. The kids adore it and my wife didn’t get mad when she found out I picked it up.

    Awesome stuff.

  2. Nat, you and Brock are always one step ahead of me. I need to finish Punch-Out!! and then I’m picking up Wii Sports Resort. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  3. Even my wife started playing tonight and while not really wanting to play, she was doing quite well on the Frisbee Dog tournament and even managed to nail the middle of the target area, something my son and I haven’t managed to pull off.

    Trying to show my son the proper way to swing a golf club was very fun. I also almost lost my HDTV due to the sword fighting. He’d lunge and almost take out the TV by the time he inched close enough in his swings.

  4. Same here! It’s like my TV has a kid tractor-beam, drawing them in slowly but surely as they wildly swing their Wiimotes.

    It’s not good for my heart health.

  5. For the record, the cycling sucks. Thankfully the airplane exploration game is awesome.

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