In [Nat’s] Hands: Batman Arkham Asylum

Iíll keep this short. After only two hours of play. Batman Arkham Asylum is my GOTY 2009. I donít know of many other titles that are coming up that may pass this. (Assassinís Creed 2?)


  1. Gah, you beat me to this. Well, you wouldn’t have if I could have figured out how to log into the site ūüôā

    It’s an utterly awesome game though. I grabbed the PS3 version yesterday and the first couple of hours are fantastic.

    It will be hard for any of the big games coming out this year to top Batman.

  2. Very high praise, especially for a game a lot of people seemed to lose interest in as the release got closer. This one has moved up to the top of my Gamefly Q.

  3. Did people really lose interest or was it more matter of it losing some momentum due to the delay from June to late August?

    I have to admit that I almost didn’t bother with the game until I decided to preorder it with the 20% bonus on trade-ins towards the game. Best impulse move ever, esp. since we had a huge price cut on the game up here ($38 on launch day).

  4. Yeah, the delay definitely had an effect on people’s interest in the game. I also think the deluge of coverage and PR leading up to the release soured people, as well. At least it soured me.

  5. How did it sour you? Just overexposure or was there something you saw that you didn’t like?

  6. I’m glad I ignored all the hype and over-hype.

  7. I actually did the same as you, Nat. Aside from the usual rumblings here and there from people who were excited about it, I intentionally skipped playing the demo and tried to keep my knowledge of the particulars of the game to a minimum. Once I heard that they’d locked in Paul Dini, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, I was pretty much guaranteed to buy it, hype or no hype.

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