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God of War III Will Be Epic. Yeah. Epic.

Iíve posted some video before of the GoW remakes that are coming next month. However, the demo for the third game is starting to make the rounds. Destructoid has played and recorded the entire 20 minute demo for your pleasure. I cannot believe I sat through this. The ending was stellar.

Weekend Gaming

Another weekend is here and there is plenty of gaming to be done. What’s in your queue for the weekend?

I had hoped Gamefly would have shipped Forza 3 in time for the weekend, but it’s not looking promising. So it will be Borderlands and Torchlight for me. Maybe a few Batman Arkham Asylum challenges or a few missions in Mass Effect. Little bit of this, little bit of that. Spice of life and what not.

What about you?

In my digital hands


Based on Nat’s mention and Bill Harris’ diaries I picked up Torchlight sight-unseen. I also woke up this morning about two hours earlier than I normally do when nature called and I seriously considered foregoing those two hours of sleep to play Torchlight. I chose sleep this morning, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out.

Dark Void – Rocketeer anyone?


I haven’t heard much about Dark Void to be honest with you. I know what it looks like, another 3rd person shooter with a gimmick(the jetpack). When I saw this walkthrough of aerial combat while surfing the page my interest in the game went up a little bit. The video didn’t show too much in terms of gameplay but, what it did show I liked! The animation is fluid and makes me think that I’m watching a cutscene at some points. It also reminded me of an awesome movie I saw as a kid in 1991, “The Rocketeer”. Not sure how many of you have seen this epic masterpiece, but the trailer of the film will give you a little insight into what the movie was like. Movies have come a long way.

I loved that outfit and the jetpack though, so this game gets bonus points already for reminding me of the rocketeer. Finally I can play a game that has the same feeling that the movie gave me except this time around I’ll be doing the flying.

A posted comment on the aerial walkthrough’s video:
Posted 1-8-2009 3:46pm [quote] It’s as if some brilliant scientist blended iron man, gears of war, and mass effect into one delicious milkshake! and then turned it into a game!!!

oh man, i can’t wait to see how this turns out![quote]

That sounds about right to me.

Having great animation isn’t going to make a game great by itself though, which makes me interested in seeing how the story is played out. The story so far from what I can gather is that you are Will and you crash land a plane in a jungle at the far corner of the globe somewhere and end up in the “Void”. This is an alternate dimension where the “Watchers” an alien race that look like robots want to take over the Earth, and the “Survivors” humans who are stuck in the void that want to get back home to Earth. The interesting part to the story is that Nikola Tesla was somehow transported into the void through one of his experiments and is there now trying to reverse-engineer the aliens advanced technology to use against them. Hence, the jetpack.

Sounds like a decent setup for a sci-fi action game to me. The release date was pushed back to January 12, 2010 for the PC and PS3.
(If the game turns out to be good my fingers crossed for a 360 version to follow shortly thereafter)

In My Hands

In my hands:

Forza Motorsport 3 box art (PAL) - I couldn't find a decent US NTSC version anywhere