In (apparently) everbody’s hands

In (apparently) everbody’s hands:



  1. What little I’ve played I loved. The sense of humour is dry and the graphics are gorgeous.

    Can’t wait to sink more time into it.

  2. Not mine. Birthday moratorium went into effect today so I am allowed to buy nothing!

  3. Steam here, but I may change my mind if everybody has it for 360.

    Who does?

  4. I have to say that after playing for a bit last night on the 360, I was kind of wishing I could play it with mouse & keyboard.

    I’ve played enough FPSs on the consoles now that I shouldn’t feel like I need the precision of the KB/M combo, but I was definately feeling it last night.

    I was also very tired, so that might have played a part in it. AND I am playing as the Hunter so I’m trying to snipe everyone. It isn’t as much of an issue when I’m using my regular pistol.

    • I’m playing as the Hunter as well, and sniping is a bit of a drag. At times I love it and at other times I grab my sidearm and shoot that.

      Please note that using a mouse wouldn’t improve things for me 🙂

      I’m just agreeing with you that sniping can be imprecise.

      • I’m thinking of turning the Aim Assist off and seeing if it helps with pulling off head shots. It’s nice to have for pistols and what-not, but I feel like I’m having to fight to line up the noggin’ on the baddies.

        Again, it might just be that I’m using a crappy rifle and am only Level 2. Who knows?

  5. Ok. So how many of you guys have the 360 version and how many have the PC version?

    Anyone try co-op/multiplayer yet? That will be a big factor in if I buy it or not.

    • I think 3 of us already have the 360 version. I haven’t tried co-op yet, but I’m ready to give it a go anytime now.

      • I’m going to bow out of co-op for a bit until I’ve explored a bit more of Pandora. Once I’ve sunk some more time into the world, I’ll be more than happy to play online!

  6. Done. I own this sucker on Steam.

    Looks like I won’t be playing with you guys.

    • That’s music to my ears 🙂

      I’ll likely get a copy for Steam in the Spring. I’m hoping to upgrade my rig by then.

  7. I rented the 360 version and have already preloaded the Steam version. So I’m ready to find that Vault on either platform!

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