Weekend Gaming

Now that the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, I always seem to find more time to game. Especially now that the college football season is winding down. I already got some Borderlands in last night and I hope to get back to some Forza 3 and Mass Effect for the rest of the weekend. And of course Torchlight. Always Torchlight.

What are you playing this weekend?


  1. I finished Assassin’s Creed II last might with my first platinum trophy.

    So, I think I’m done with that title.

    Borderlands maybe?…or I go back and finish up some titles I never completed (Dead Space, Wolverine, Crysis, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, etc.)

    And, of course, there’s Forza 3 staring right at me.

  2. A local game shop was having a big sale. I picked up 8 games, which is going to be too much.

    This weekend I’ve been playing Ace Combat 6 and Shadowrun, which were two of the new acquisitions. I’ve still managed to get some Borderlands in, of course.

    • Eight games? Nice haul, but hello backlog!

      Are there still people playing Shadowrun? That was one of those games a lot of people recommended but I never got around to playing.

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