The Road to the Blow

I don’t remember if Sony did this last year, but what is the point to playing a game if you know others are going to cheat? (He who has the most money wins–again.) You’ve already forked over $60 to play and now you’re going to fork over more to advance your play…before you’ve even given it a shot? The following was released on PSN today:

MLB 10: The Show – 6 Classic Stadiums ($9.99)
Unlock all Classic Stadiums for use in MLB 10: The Show!
File size: N/A

MLB 10: The Show – Franchise Funds Increase ($0.99)
Increase your Franchise funds by 20 million.
File size: N/A

MLB 10: The Show – Road to the Show Training Points ($0.99)
Increase your Road to the Show training points by 1000.
File size: N/A

The first item doesn’t bother me that much. The last two…

It works for the same reason SPAM does. People buy it. Of course, I guess if the pros can cheat to win, so can gamers. This just sullies one of the best gaming franchises for me. I will probably still get it, but I may set on it for a while.

In college, the TV show Cheaters was a guilty pleasure. I wish there was a videogame equivalent.


  1. Don’t blame Sony for this. EA has been doing it for years on both 360 and PS3. Many of the games out there end up releasing pieces of DLC that essentially let you pay to cheat. Don’t want to spend all your time actually playing the game and getting good at it to unlock all of the skills and equipment? Drop $7-10 and it’s all yours.

    As long as it doesn’t spill over into the MP side of things, I dont’ have a problem with this. I don’t really understand why people play games if they’re going to start throwing in cheat codes the second they get home with it, but that’s their business, not mine. If Sony, MS or EA want to basically tax their laziness, that’s fine with me too.

    • EA definitely started this, but The Show is published by Sony. They didn’t have to follow suit.

      But, since the topic is baseball, the analogy works: If you build it (offer it) they will come (they will pay)!

  2. Ok … why are people hoarding their FREE Stadium codes like the Ring??
    It WAs FREE!!!
    Can someone share the code???

  3. It would be cheating I suppose if the people that paid had access to things that made them necessarily better than the people who didn’t pay (like Magic: the Gathering), but that isn’t the case, except maybe for games in the first week. All these do is convert money->time. It’s just XP, right? You can get that over time.

    • I think it would make a big deal if you were a die-hard player (Of course, you would probably just get the XP).

      I’m not fur sure if it’s a one time purchase or can be done over and over. One time doesn’t bother me as much as some rich kid who hardly plays the game, spanks me online because he access to funds was bigger.

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