Weekend Gaming

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was too caught up in college basketball to notice anything else.

That being said, what will you be playing this weekend? I’ve been alternating my time between Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2. Like I mentioned when I first got Bioshock 2, I played through a a large portion of the original Bioshock before leaving it for greener pastures. I’m planning on not making the same mistake twice, so I’m going to play a little bit of both so I don’t forget what’s going on in either game.

I’m also going to play a little Modern Warfare 2 tonight, so if anyone is in the mood, drop me a note on Live and we’ll hook up.

What’s everyone else playing?


  1. I have a teen training conference tonight from 5-8. It’s super cool. It has a military theme and we’re using tons of little green army men. The teens also get to construct the Toy Story green army kits. They get a soldier to take home.

    They put the jeep together with a general who reads the instructions (he’s the only one who sees them), he relays the instructions to a messenger, and the other soldiers in the team build it. Tons of other ideas too.

    Gonna be sweet.

    Oh, And I’ll squeeze Plants vs. Zombies in there as well. I played about an hour of it when it was on a Steam sale…and then I got it on my iPod a couple of weeks ago. Dang zombies.

    And then there is the Blur beta. Yeah. I’ve pre-ordered that title. Oh, I have one beta code if anyone wants in. Let me know.

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