2 Minute Review:Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360)

DO: Smash mindless peons faces’ as just about any of the Marvel universe’s characters.

TYPE: Action RPG


PRICE: (was) $60, now…$27.99

MEAT: (Sorry, for the delay) I posted earlier about picking up this game and, I did. Most of the game is basically repeatedly hitting the same buttons over and over in order to get through a level and in that respect, it doesn’t diverge too much from the first in the series. This time around though there are fusion abilities between the characters which change depending on the character that you are using. The main story is that all of the superheroes are being forced to register their real identities with the government or be imprisoned. Most of the plot follows along those lines and the cutscenes are shown with that theme in mind. Something that I couldn’t decide if it was a plus or a minus to the game was that once I got the character I wanted to use (Thor) I basically was playing the game in easy mode and was able to destroy everybody/everything and wasn’t challenged at all. Now this was towards the end of the game but, I couldn’t help but feel like I should have at least gotten the character earlier in order to enjoy it more.

PERKS: The story starts off pretty good with you having to make a choice which side in the “war” you will join and that choice will impact the rest of the game(for example, you will not be able to play certain characters for most of the game). The cutscenes were just as good in this game as the first which is a big bonus for me because I enjoy a good cutscene. Graphics have leveled up!

SCREAMS: Something that wasn’t the greatest idea but, fit the story, was that you had limited options for which characters you could play because of the side you choose to be on. There were characters on both sides that I wanted to play and I had to play through the story until I could get those characters unlocked. More variety of choices in regards to the story line would have been nice and made the game more varied and not so linear after the initial choice.

VERDICT: Rent. I played through the game once and was working on going through it again but decided not to and just traded it in. The graphics definitely have been upgraded from the first and are done really well but, the long distance that the camera gets from the characters really diminishes the detail and doesn’t do the work justice. This game didn’t hold me as much as the first and I honestly can’t say why. Maybe it was because I didn’t have any friends that had a copy too, which, I feel would have made the game more fun.


  1. Nice review.

    So are the fusion moves something grounded in the fiction of the characters? I know Colossus and Wolverine do their thing, but do other heroes have these between them? Or is it something shoe-horned in?

  2. Yes and no.

    Yes, the characters are always teaming up and using their powers together.

    No, because I don’t think I’ve ever even seen Deadpool and Sue Richards ( the invisible woman) together in any comic….ever.

    • Clearly the “Deadpool/Richards” team-up is an untapped market that Marvel needs to exploit immediately.

      Not sure how that will work, but they can figure it out.

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