Video Game Power Rankings #11

1. (-) Zynga and Google – This news game early in the week, but for those who watch these types of things, this was big. Google is getting ready to launch Google Games. Of course this leads to everyone coming up with the original name of “Googleville” all at the same time. So original!

2. (-) 1v100 – I never partook in the 1 versus 100 games on Xbox Live, but I recognized it as a very cool idea, so I was really surprised to see it being shut down. Hopefully something good comes from it.

3 (-) Megaman Universe – Can gamers get enough Megaman? I would say, “yeah, probably.” Capcom would say NEVER!

4. (-) God of War Movie Trailer – Hot on the heels of the excellently produced Mortal Kombat teaser/trailer is the indie version of the God of War movie.

5. (-) Little Chun Li – Too cute not to post.

6. (-) New Xbox Live Dashboard – It’s no secret that the Xbox Live interface has gotten too big for its britches. Images of the new dashboard were leaked (and instantly squashed). Joystiq still has the image. Doesn’t the take-down notice more or less validate things like this?

7. (8) OnLive – I’m not giving up on this service, the more I see stuff written about it, the bigger of a believer I become (although I’m still not sold on the prices). Joystiq took it for a ride and had good things to say.

8. (5) Dragon Age II – Not a ton of new Dragon Age 2 news but Game Informer has posted the first screenshots of the game.

Did I miss anything?


  1. I was unplugged all last week (and will be all next).

    I’ll just use this post as a news source because I don’t want to go back and catchup on 800+ posts in my feed reader.


    some comments:

    1. The dashboard was a joke when they updated it. More moves to get things done and more adds to move over. I still just bring up the blades and use those. Of course, I barely play the 360 anymore anyway.

    2. I’ve never played a GoW game (save for PSP), but I totally dug the indie-movie riff.

    3. OnLive. I’m still not sold. However, if the pricing is right…it’s a tricky thing because I’ve paid for games that I get to keep and own–and regretted it.

    4. Dragon Age II? I tried the first. I really did, but no. It’s one cup of tea at Teavana that I won’t drink.

  2. I’m surprised there wasn’t much Dragon Quest IX traffic.

    • I’ve got to wonder if North America is almost JRPG’d out?

      It does seem as if some Japanese-themed games have not been as selling as well as they have been in the past. (Even in Japan–weird.) I’m not saying they are not selling well, just not as good as previous games.

      I really don’t jump at them personally because of the massive time commitment.

      (But then I put 60+ hours into games like RDR and Borderlands).

    • I know there’s not a lot of mention on the major sites for DQIX but all the podcasts I listen to are loving it and I’m hearing a lot of “I’ve never played a DQ game before but I really like this!”

      I’ll be giving it a go, and I’ve never played a DQ game, either.

  3. It’s probably one of the most user-friendly Dragon Quests that I’ve played. Granted, they’re never incredibly obtuse, but they have multiplayer, online stores, downloadable quests and crazy customization options in DQIX that should really appeal to western gamers who aren’t JRPGed out.

    It does have a lot of the old-school charm, to be sure, but they did a great job bringing it up to modern standards.

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