StarCraft II? I Wish

I’m a big fan of RTS games. However, I think Blizzard might be a little full of themselves for charging $60 for StarCraft II–especially if you only play single player. It’s essentially two games anyway.

(I’m late to the pricing-pity-party.)


  1. While I do want to play SC2, I haven’t really been drooling for it. It has been a long time since I really played RTS games in a significant way. It’s kind of sad, because back about, oh, 8-10 years ago they were probably my favourite genre.

    That said, I did just realize yesterday that I have about $30 in store credit at EB that I could put towards SC2 and effectively slash the price in half. Tempting… but I have too many games on the go right now anyway.

    Given that I have no urge whatsoever to play multiplayer, I can probably wait a bit.

  2. Here’s the kicker:

    It’s only 1/3 of the game. Remember?

    • I know it shouldn’t matter, but Blizzard has put a TON of money into SCII. I’m not saying that justifies the price, I’m just saying.

      If this is the new norm for PC gaming, price-wise, it could be a fatal blow.

      • I don’t know about being fatal. I’ve not bought a PC game at full retail price in almost three years.

        Bless you, Steam.

        Blizzard games stay at full retail price for almost ten years, however. I’d love to get SCII, but I wish they just packaged the single-player stuff as a separate deal and charged accordingly.

    • Eh… that’s not REALLY the case any more. It was poorly worded and really only went on the assumption that we’d get all three campaigns in one package like we did with SC1.

      I like the fact that they seem to be treating the singleplayer campaign as a proper story-based set of missions instead of as training grounds for multiplayer. And the fact that there are more SP missions in that ‘1/3 of a game’ than there were in the entire first game with all three campaigns means they’re not REALLY trying to milk fans.

      Well, they are, but they’re at least giving them some really nice hay to chew on while they’re milking them.

      • $180 for an entire story-arc is not cool.

        However, they were totally stupid in announcing it that way in the beginning. The perception was made and it’s hard to erase.

        • I’ll agree with you there. It would have been better if they had dropped the 2 suffix and just called it Starcraft: Wings Of Liberty, Starcraft: Paragons of Aiur and Starcraft: Sexy Bug Ladies Of Charon. You’d get a lot less pushback.

          Let’s hope that they do put it on sale sometime.

  3. I am weak.

    • As weak as I am? I was online last night reading twitter reports of the first bit of the campaign and after looking at a trailer or two again, I found myself merging my old WoW account with a new Bnet account and downloading the client.

      Then today I found myself at EB using my $30 in store credit to help effectively halve the cost of the game. For $30, I think it’ll be worth it. I don’t think I’d have succumbed to its allure if I didn’t have that credit.

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