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I’ve missed a week or two of content being busy and boy what I missed! Among other things:

Fox News says that Bulletstorm will cause an increase in rape! Rock, Paper, Shotgun was all over this story. If you haven’t already read this, you really should. Violence and Video Games (and their perception in the media) used to be a big flywheel for me at this site, but it’s time consuming and tiring keeping up with it. I’ll let others handle it and I’ll throw in my two cents every so often.

Jack Thompson! (sorry, just had a flashback)

Activision is all but quitting the music and skateboard genres. This really doesn’t affect me except for the fact that I just recently fell in love with DJ Hero. I guess I’ll still have DJ Hero 2 and a bunch of DLC to work through.

Oh, and Sony announced it’s new handheld. No big deal.

For a double-shot of loot right in to your Town Hall treasure chest, there is this little tidbit of Blizzard considering Diablo for consoles and a little video of Torchlight for the Xbox 360. March 9th can’t get here soon enough!

My PC gaming has fallen off a cliff lately but I recently saw this article (via Tap-Repeatedly) about Steam owning 70% of the PC download market (a mere 4 billion dollar market). That blows my mind.

Of course I can’t leave out the most amazing video game trailer in at least the last four years: Dead Island. For those of you who haven’t seen it, watch at your own risk. It’s very… juicy.

Want to feel old? Zelda turned 25 this week. Yes, it’s all about Zelda but who will think about Link?

I’m getting cold feet about picking up a 3DS at launch. Now that I’ve seen that it’s launching with 18 games, I’m feeling less excited. Street Fighter looks cool but for me that’s about it. I think I may wait this one out. I’m still torn.

Finally, have you voted for The Art of Video Games?


  1. I’m still getting my 3DS but aside from possibly Pilotwings, I’ll just use it as an enhanced DS RPG machine for the time being. But it will be nice to have one when the games I want start dropping later.

    I’m really enjoying Bulletstorm so far. It’s rude and crude, that’s no lie, but my lord is it ever fun. I’ll do a little write-up later on once I’ve played it more.

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