In My Digital Hands

I didn’t get in on the ground floor with the Resident Evil series. My first foray into the series was the RE remake on the Gamecube but I never finished it. When Resident Evil 4 hit, however, I was instantly hooked and RE4 kinda became “my thingaround these parts. I have played through RE4 more times than I can remember on more than one system. The Mercenaries (in RE4) is easily the greatest minigame ever and I will snap your neck H.U.N.K.-style if you say otherwise.

I ran through Resident Evil 5 co-op with my bro-in-law. That was a fine game and all but it didn’t capture the RE4 magic. I skipped Resident Evil 6 altogether (although it’s patiently waiting in my Steam Library for whenever I feel like loading it up). Early buzz has been positive for Resident Evil 7. I am ready.

I am also going to try my hand at this streaming thing. Nick (aka Subotonic on Twitch) has had the Twitch game going for a little while now, but it’s my turn to give it a go. I’ll be doing some late-night RE7 streaming, starting tonight hopefully. If you want to follow along with my antics, throw me a follow on Twitch and turn notifications on. Then tune in and watch me get skurred from all the scary bad guys!

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